This is the second article on how to increase your revenue with AdSense sites. In the first article, we went over finding High CPC keywords, high competition keywords, and whether or not your ads should primarily focus above or below the fold. Let’s look at a few more techniques for increasing your ad revenue and CTR with Google AdSense.

Technique #4: Use A CTR Theme

CTR themes are themes for WordPress that are designed to help you get more clicks on your Adsense ads. The ads are placed in arrangements that are proven and tested to get the highest CTR. One example is actually called “CTR Theme”, but there’s also “AdSense Pro Ultimate CTR Theme” as well as a few others. There are also some Adsense CTR themes within the widely-known and popular customizable theme, Thesis.

There are several benefits to using the right CTR theme. While some CTR themes have gotten Adsense accounts banned, the right theme can still be very useful. A good CTR theme will use Google recommended ad-placements to make getting clicks and making money easier than ever. Without this, many people will just end up putting all their ads in random places, and not knowing where the ads are supposed to go, which can be very detrimental to a sites income. More importantly however, is the ability to track exactly what ad layouts are performing the best for you, and which ones to scrap. Without this, you’ll really have no idea of what’s actually working for you, and what isn’t, and you may end up accidently using one of the LEAST profitable layouts.

One other important benefit of using a CTR theme, is the fact that it will automatically get rid of extra links and stuff that people might decide to click on instead of clicking on your ads. See, when it comes to Adsense, it’s important that there’s not too much on the pages other than your ads. If there is, you might find that people just end up clicking on these other things instead, and when the entire point of an Adsense site is to get people to see your ads and then click on them, this is obviously a bad thing. When there’s absolutely nothing else to click on on the page, you’ll find that people will just naturally gravitate to your ads more often.

Blended Adsense

As a word of warning, this is also a technique that you sort of have to be careful with. If it looks a bit too much like you’re trying to “trick” your users into thinking that the ads are in fact real site content, and Google picks up on this, you can get your Adsense account banned, so set your ads apart a bit from your actual content, so that Google doesn’t get the wrong impression. Still, doing this is only going to take you a minute, and it will give you a nice little boost to your CTR in short order.