One of the biggest challenges with social media is managing all the networks, budgeting your time, yet making sure to maintain an effective presence on each important site. Pinterest has grown into one of the essential social media sites for businesses and websites that can generate traffic from their visual and video pin boards. Due to the explosion in Pinterest users, there have been quite a few helpful tools arise that may be useful to you, as well.

Manage and Monitor Your Boards

Billed a complete marketing solution, Piquora is a handy tool for managing and monitoring Pinterest for brands. The site’s dashboard allows users to monitor the activity of content, how and when users are most engaged and even run, track and manage contests on Pinterest.


While Piquora can provide some great data in regards to how users are interacting with your pins, it adds efficiency for those who want to ensure that they’re pinning at the best times for reach and effect.


Measure Your Influence


Just like Klout looks to measure influence on a number of social media websites, Pinpuff offers a similar analysis of your level of influence and reach on Pinterest. Interestingly enough, the site was started by a 20-year old, but has taken off nevertheless.

Pinpuff provides users with their “Pinfluence” which factors in popularity, engagement and reach, while “pin worth” is the site’s way of measuring the value of the users’ pins and boards in a quasi-monetary value.

While the accuracy of any type of site that measures “influence” has come under scrutiny since sites like Klout (and now Pinpuff) have popped up, it is worthwhile to see how far your engagement and activity goes in comparison with others. As these type of sites progress, they fine tune the measurements and deliver better results which is useful to users.


Screenshot Pins

Url2pin example
A nice Pinterest utility for users who like to discover new websites is This simple yet powerful web-based service allows users to take screenshots of webpages and turns them into pins. The site and tool is easy to use, and depending on your niche, this could be valuable and interesting discover of design and other web content that can be shared via Pinterest.

While there are many other useful Pinterest tools and sites popping up every day, this is a quick start to help you make the most of your time spent on Pinterest.