It’s clear that written content is still of high and significant value on the web, and until voice recognition and video indexing becomes the norm (or whatever other means we find to be more efficient), the written word will remain of high importance. Web sites need content, and anyone who can write an email essentially has the talents to provide that content.

Selling Content On The Web Through Elance And Similar Sites

So how does one make money from writing content on the web? There are many answers to that question but I’ll walk through the use of online work sites to find writing gigs.

There are plenty of sites to find jobs for writing on the Internet. Some such sites include the Digital Point Forum and the Warrior Forum where web masters go and place ads (i.e. start forum threads) asking for writers for their web sites, documents, or in some cases books. Also, writers will advertise their talents and link to their online portfolios hoping to get work. is also a site where writers and web site owners may meet for the first time.

There are other sites that are made specifically for content creators to be paired up with those in need of content. TextBroker is one such example. Authors on TextBroker have a specific quality rating and the price per 100 words varies accordingly. Clients in need of content can submit an open order to anyone with a particular quality level, or submit a direct order to an individual writer.

Create A Free Account On Elance To Get Started

While any and all sites that pair authors with web site owners may be worth investigating, is just as good as any to get started. Elance caters to all types of web work, not just writing.

On Elance you can bid on existing jobs and create (and eventually improve upon) a profile and portfolio for yourself. You can also take tests to prove your proficiency in certain areas including the English language.

Elance acts as the middleman between transactions to keep the process and safe and fair for all involved. They get a modest fee based on the transaction amount for standing in the middle and providing the service.

Look For Work In The Writing And Translation Category on Elance

You can browse the entire Writing & Translation section on Elance to find current jobs that you can place bids on. You may also choose from the various sub categories to get very specific on your options. Regarldess of what choice you make there will be an RSS feed that can be subscribed to (with an RSS reader or to get email alerts) that will keep you up to date as new jobs become available.

Some of the different sub categories include: article writing, web content, translation, e-books and blogs, ghost writing, copywriting, creative writing, academic writing, editing and proofreading, technical writing, sales writing, resumes and cover letters, press releases, report writing, grant writing, user guides and manuals, children’s writing, speeches, and newsletters.

You have the option to filter the jobs based on your preferences. Different choices include: job types (fixed or hourly), a specific budget or hourly rate you want to get, etc.

You can learn the country of the job poster, how much they have spent on content in the past, when the job was posted, the job description of course, among other things. In a lot of cases you can also learn the amount you will be paid. Most of the time a range is present and you are able to bid on what it is you want to be paid for your work.