Twitter is an excellent place to build your following. With Twitter being a predominantly public messaging platform, the discovery of others, and the ability for others discover you is what entices many businesses and brands.

What many people struggle with is growing their following, or at least the following that really pays attention to them. Here are some tips to grow your following overtime in organic, natural fashion where if followers will pay attention to your message.
Twitter List

Follow Your Target

The first tip is to simply follow others that you would like to follow you. If you have a targeted group of people that when you would like to begin to follow you, follow them. Many times still some pre-paid back by virtue of the fact that you follow them. Other times they won’t, but that’s okay and you move out.


Target the Follow Backs


An advanced tip around the idea of following others, is to find brands, businesses and people who are similar to you that have large followings. Go in and follow some of their followers. If they’re interested in the subject matter that is covered by that user, and the likelihood that they’ll be interested in you is increased. These are also targeted prospects since you know they’re following the things and people that matter in your niche. And just like in the last tip, many of them will follow you back automatically.


Twitter Lists Tip

The next tip is to use Twitter lists. Twitter lists can be powerful because they allow you to sort users based on the list you put them in. But the real power and it is when users find out they’ve been added to a list. This will get their attention, and if you name the list something appealing this is more powerful than a simple follow, because they feel the exclusivity of the list and it’s complimentary.


Good Ol’ Interaction

Interacting with others is a very straightforward way to get attention, gain curiosity of those you interact with and get more followers. Find good new prospects and collections and strike up conversation with the good number of them will give you a good chance of getting noticed and followed, especially if you have a good interaction with them.

The same goes for retweets. Retweeting or even favoriting another user’s messages is always noticed by that user and it’s a smart way to introduce yourself. Since it plays off of flattery, the user should have positive associations of you, and there’s always a good chance they will begin to follow.

Get Growing

While these techniques require you to find others and the people in your niches, you may be wondering how to find these users. Leveraging search and trending topics is a great way to find people who are interested in events, products and other points of interest that matter to your niche and industry.

By following these steps, a little interaction and research will help you significantly grow your following in a very organic way, where the followers will tend to stick around for quite some time and pay attention to what you have to say.