Blogger (or Blogspot) is a great platform to start monetizing your writing efforts, and you can publish to it whenever you like from almost any connected device. Some people say that the best part of using something like Blogger is that it’s completely free. Others say it’s that Google looks more highly upon content written on their platform. In reality though, it’s a combination of the two. Blogger is both free and Google driven, and it also has some awesome free templates out there for it that make it look just as good as a self hosted WordPress or another blogging platform.

Another great thing about it is that when setting up a Blogger blog, there is essentially a “wizard” that helps you create (and auto-publish to) a Google+ page putting you in social circles out of the gate. And if you have a Gmail account, you already have a Blogger and Google+ account. Want to make money from your blog right away? Google makes it super simple to implement AdSense from jump.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Blogger templates, why they rock, and what they have to offer you.

Best Free Basic Blogger Templates for Businesses

This collection of templates is most versatile, and all of them are clean enough to be used for business or personal blogs. You can also modify them fairly simply making them ideal for branding.

1. “ResponsiveT” General Blog Theme

ResponsiveT Free Blogger Template

ResponsiveT theme is a minimalist template that is great for any general “blog” style website. With a center on clean lines and colors as well as a photography central post layout, this is perfect for sites that have a large focus on images like photography businesses, web design / tech sites, and maybe even fashion or gossip sites.

>> Download ResponsiveT Here <> Preview ResponsiveT Here <<

2. “Splendido” Travel Blog Theme

Splendido Free Blogger Template

Splendido is a theme that is both professional looking and new / fresh. The theme features the trending blue and orange color scheme with a really cool collage type image on the front page that makes it perfect for those discussing real estate, travel, and the like. It’s a two column template that puts an emphasis on social sharing and content.

>> Download Splendido Here <> Preview Splendido Here <<

3.”MyTimeline” Minimalist Magazine Blogger Template

MyTimeline Free Blogger Template

MyTimeline is a multi-column news-style blogger template that offers “sections” throughout the web page. You’re not consistently getting one, two, or three columns. Instead, each section has several columns and most of it is interchangable making this “bare-bones” styled template incredibly unique.

>> Download MyTimeline Blogger Template <> Preview MyTimeline Blogger Template <<

4. Macintosh Sleek Electronics Blogger Template

Macintosh Free Blogger Template

Macintosh is the perfect layout for electronic product reviews, technical content, or even tutorial sites. The simple style in combination with a flashy background reminds me of iOS 6 and makes it a traditionally stylish option for anyone doing anything in the tech field.

>> Download Macintosh Blogger Template <> Preview Macintosh Blogger Template <<

Best Free eCommerce Blogger Templates

5. Boutique Shopkeeper eCommerce Blogger Template

Boutique Free eCommerce Blogger Template

Boutique is the perfect little eCommerce blogger template and makes any shop look both trendy and welcoming. The stylish color scheme combined with the “featured product” showcase makes it ideal for those selling DIY crafts, personal items, or household items.

>> Download Boutique Template Here <> Preview Boutique eCommerce Blogger Template Here <<

6. “BloggerStore” eCommerce Blogger Template

BloggerStore Free eCommerce Blogger Template

BloggerStore is a more mainstream or corporate styled blogger template that features a catalogue style layout for any type of product that you have to offer. The red and orange colored style inspires action and you can sort the layout “grid style” or “list style” making it incredibly convenient for your customers.

>> Download BloggerStore eCommerce Template <> Preview BloggerStore eCommerce Template <<

Personal Style Blogger Templates for Individuals and Their Content

7. “Keilir” Business Meets Pleasure Template

Keilir Free Blogger Template

The responsive Keilir design is a well laid out and well designed theme that places most emphasis on clean lines, graphic details that count (lined background, zooms in on photos with hover) and social options that almost anyone can work with. This layout is two column and very versatile in it’s usage options. Perhaps the best feature is the share section on posts which features a photo and mini-bio of the author as well as several sharing options.

>> Download Keilir Blogger Template <> Preview Keilir Template <<

8.”SweetCupcake” Girly Blogger Template

SweetCupcake Free Girly Blogger Template

This super feminine blogger template has two columns and features pink cupcakes with girly “century gothic” font making it perfect for a personal blog as well as for a desserts or women’s clothing boutique.

>> Download Sweet Cupcake Template <> Preview Sweet Cupcake Template <<

9.”Summer” Girly Blogger Template

Summer Free Blogger Template

This abstract and artistic multi-column blogger template is perfect for WAHM (Work at Home Moms) and similar online writers to blog personally about their life and interests.

>> Download Summer Blogger Template <> Preview Summer Blogger Template <<

10.”Photoplus Light” Photography Template

PhotoLight Free Blogger Template

Any photography hobbiest or career photography knows that it’s essential to have a place to quickly and easily upload photos for your “portfolio.” That’s why online portfolio sites are growing so rapidly. This theme allows you to use your blogger site as your own portfolio and it’s grid style layout makes displaying your photos a cinch.

>> Download Photoplus Light Template <> Preview Photoplus Template <<

Bonus Blogger Theme! Best Blogger Fan Site and Gaming Templates (for Guilds, Clans, etc.)

“RoboticNotes” Blogger Template

RoboticNotes Free Gaming Blogger Template

With edgy lines and bright blue meets gray styling, this light colored gaming template uses shapes and colors in a way that isn’t more feminine than masculine or vice versa, making it ideal for any fan site or gaming clan site that you might want to use it for.

>> Download RoboticNotes Blogger Template <> Preview RoboticNotes Blogger Template <<