We still have a few great CPC Networks to cover, and in this final part of this series, we’ll go over just a few more tried and true networks that are great for Publishers who’re looking to make some good money with Cost Per Click advertising. Some of these aren’t full-on CPC Networks, but a couple ways to actually supplement your income, so you’re making more from the traffic you already have. Nice.

Network #7: InfoLinks Ads…

Regardless of what other CPC Network you’re using InfoLinks is a great way to supplement your ad revenue. InfoLinks offers In-line text ads that are relevant to whatever it is you’re offering on your page, and to the keyword itself (which is where the link is). You should keep in mind of course, that these links can distract people from the content on your website, so they’re not always good to use, however, you can garner a nice bit of extra profit from them if that’s the main goal as a Publisher.

One really neat thing about InfoLinks, is that you can have a sort of “InfoLinks Tag Cloud”, which is just like any typical Tag cloud, except of course the links lead off your site and onto Advertiser’s pages, AND you get paid for each and every click. On top of that, as I mentioned before, you can still have other Ad Networks that you’re working with, such as AdSense or Click Booth.

Ad Hitz

Network #9: Exit Junction…

Just as with InfoLinks, this is another really great way to add a little extra monetization to your site. In this case, we’re monetizing what would otherwise be completely useless traffic. As the name would imply, with this type of CPC Ad Network, what we’re monetizing here is bounce traffic. A bounce being defined as someone who only visits just one page of your site before leaving. Now, people generally get a lot of bounce traffic for various reasons… maybe your landing page is too boring, or your load time too slow, or your visitor simply got distracted by something else. But regardless, when a visitor bounces, they’re now useless to you, and can’t be monetized for any money… until now.

What Exit Junciton does, is when a visitor bounces off your site, instead of allowing them to return to the search engine result pages, or anywhere else, it shows them a list of relevant ads instead, AND, if they click on one of them, that’s more money for you. Even if this isn’t insanely profitable, the fact of the matter is that this traffic is completely worthless otherwise, so even if Exit Junction only earns you $1 a month, that’s $1 more than you would’ve gotten if you hadn’t had it installed, but, this can still be surprisingly proftable regardless, and is DEFINITELY something worth testing on your site. Of course, this doesn’t punish the people who decide to browse through your site a bit, so not to worry there, it only affects those that ditch you right off the bat… might as well just monetize them if you can. Why not?

Network #10: Affinity Ads…

While Affinity is nothing to write home about, they certainly do offer a very wide range of different options for Publishers to maximize their traffic with. Want to use banners? No problem. In-line Text Ads? Fine. Tool Bars? Great. And a whole host of other options as well, and that’s what really stands out about these guys; their versatility. Another thing about this network worth mentioning, is their generosity. They’re willing to give up to 95% of the ad revenue to the Publisher, which is of course more than fair. Those two facts alone make Affinity Ads worth mentioning.