What is CPA Marketing?

CPA (cost per action, also known as pay per action marketing) is a type of marketing that pays you for leads or actions by potential customers. The overall idea is that the user (brought over by your website), completes some form of action with the company you’re referring them to and you earn a commission from it. You can earn commission on many action items performed by the user (outside of just buying something) such as:

  • Signing up for a free trial
  • Complete’s a cost quote or estimate
  • Download something (Software, game, etc)
  • Fills out a form

The ultimate goal here is not just to sell a product directly for the third party company. Instead, you’re paid for lead generation (the potential of selling a product) which some people find to be a much easier task to do.

Top 10 CPA Marketing Networks

Commission Junction is one of the oldest affiliate networks in the game right now, and one of the most commonly used. With over 3000 advertising partners and many more publishers, Commission Junction offers a lot of variety when it comes to their affiliates.

Ultimately, like any affiliate network, you make money by referring people to CJ’s clients. Broken down into categories, CJ offers you thousands of brands that will pay you to refer them customers, leads, and they even have a nifty Pay per call program.

CPA Networks - Commission Junction

Famous for their weekly payouts vs. monthly, Max Bounty offers payments per action and the payment for those actions are specified ahead of time by the advertisers using Max Bounty services.

Some of the advertisers on the Max Bounty network even allow “incentive traffic” which means that you offer your viewers or users some type of reward to sign up for an advertisers program. This is handled on a per-advertiser basis, but Max Bounty does allow it as an awesome income opportunity.

CPA Networks - Max Bounty

NeverBlue is another one that’s been around for a while. They were born in 2004 and have been growing ever since. The approval process generally involves an application and a phone interview.

NeverBlue offers a lot of really great tools and resources on your journey to creating an income with them. They even offer you a “manager” who you can contact directly to find out which programs are “hot” right now, and to talk strategy with.

CPA Networks - Neverblue

The eBay Enterprise affiliate program (formerly known as PepperJame network) is a more restrictive affiliate network. While their application process is on the strict side though, they are very clear and explicit about what they’re looking for.

Directly from their application page, “While we carefully consider every application submitted to eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network, applications are typically rejected for the following reasons: (1) incomplete or false contact information, (2) invalid business or personal Tax ID (US affiliates only), (3) failure to disclose promotional methods (4) unacceptable Web site content, including promotion of activity considered illegal in the United States, and (5) an inability to verify Web site(s), phone number(s), and e-mail(s).”

As with any affiliate network, have a plan before applying and make sure you’ve got a legitimate source of traffic that is beneficial to advertisers.

CPA Networks - eBay Enterprise

Inuvo Affiliate Program is different for a few reasons. They offer you top paying “XML Feeds” to publish on your site that generate an income for you. Powered by search engines, Inuvo has a sleek and easy to use dashboard and they offer well rounded payouts in a timely manner.

What’s great about Innuvo is that they’re the perfect option for directory sites, listings, etc. and they know it.

Previously known as “ValidClick,” Inuvo is making a splash in the market with their unique content strategies. Reportedly housing hundreds of thousands of advertisers, the opportunities are endless with them.

CPA Networks - Inuvo

ClickBank is a great opportunity for both independent business owners and advertisers. Having been around since 1998, Clickbank offers high commissions and easy to use publishing tools that allow you to market informational products (like eBooks) almost exclusively.

This is great because if you pick an informational series or product that you love, you can use almost your entire website to market it and end up making a really healthy income from ClickBank alone.

CPA Networks - ClickBank

LinkConnector is an affiliate program that’s been around since about 2004 and they pride themselves on making life easier on their affiliates. They offer full time support staff at your disposal as well as several methods of protection to avoid fraud from happening on their network.

What’s better, is that when choosing advertisers for their network, they place a very specific emphasis on quality advertisers instead of going for quantity as some other affiliate networks are known for.

Perhaps the best part about LinkConnector is their “NakedLink” technology which takes direct linking to a whole new level. As explained on their website, “Naked Link Technology offers merchants and affiliates the ability to transparently run an affiliate program. A Naked Link (e.g., merchant.com) is a hyperlink devoid of any arguments or parameters.”

CPA Networks - LinkConnector

ShareASale is one of the more traditional affiliate programs that offers a wide range of merchants to choose from when publishing with them. With brands like Adidas, Craftsy, and TinyPrints they’re doing pretty well in terms of keeping stocked with popular merchants that are easy to promote.

One thing that sets Share A Sale apart is how readily they offer video creative marketing and coupons with their merchants. This makes it easier for you to educate your viewers on their programs.

CPA Networks - ShareASale

Open since 2006, ROI Rocket offers some great bonuses to affiliate marketers. For one, they offer a minimum payout threshold of $25.00 which is much lower than some of their competitors. Additionally, they also offer four payment methods which is another bonus that sets them apart. The four methods being; check, Payoneer, PayPal, and Direct Deposit.

ROIRocket also offers “exclusive” campaigns and programs; this is really key because it means they give you access to top earning campaigns that you cannot find elsewhere.

CPA Networks - ROIRocket

Highly regarded in reviews across the web, AdGate Media is a booming network that according to OverVault.com offers by far the highest payouts in comparison to competitors. They also offer a low minimum payment threshold of $25.00, similarly to ROIRocket mentioned above.

With thousands of advertisers, and a score of 4.94 out of 5 on AffPaying (141 Reviews), AdGate is easily a fan favorite and worth checking out.

CPA Networks - AdGate