WordPress is arguably the top blogging platform AND content management system on the Web, and it’s freely available. In addition, it is robust, extensible, mostly secure, and mostly search engine optimized out of the box.

While I much prefer a paid theme myself, in the spirit of keeping things free, let’s look at a handful of WordPress themes available at no charge, to change the look and feel of your web site.

Responsive: A Free WP Theme for Business

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes - Responsive

Download the Free Responsive Theme

Demo the Free Responsive Theme


Responsive is a clean cut minimalist theme that is great for all devices mobile and desktop alike. It’s clean and streamlined nature make it perfect for just about any cause and will not require much tweaking to use.

Multi-Purpose: Free WordPress Theme for Small Business

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes - Multipurpose

Download the Free Multipurpose Theme

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Multi-purpose is a brightly colored theme that would be perfect for a business that offers a service as opposed to having a product line. Whether business to person or business to business, Multi-Purpose is colorful enough to catch attention, yet professional enough to use for all types of businesses.

Zenith: A Free Premium WordPress Theme for Business

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes - Zenith

Download the Free Zenith Theme

Demo the Free Zenith Theme


Zenith is clean, simple, and neutral and would make a great free WordPress theme for a restaurant, or even a boutique. The style is classical and elegant.

Zenith probably would not make a great option for blogs or magazine style websites though.

Origin Lite: A Free Premium Theme for Creatives

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes - Origin Lite

Download the Free Origin Lite Theme

Demo the Free Origin Lite Theme


This theme is a premium theme that offers a lite version that simply has less customizable options to it. Origin makes a great theme for an entertainment business site or even a product catalogue.

Yaminth: Free Premium Minimalist Magazine Theme

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes - Yaminth Lite

Download the Free Yaminth Theme

Demo the Free Yaminth Theme


Yaminth is an awesome free premium quality theme for magazines or bloggers. The theme has clean white and black lines, with a vibrant punch of color where it counts.

It also offers a large variety of shortcodes, sample pages, and images that makes it feature-rich and desirable. Free WordPress themes that simplify customization and use with shortcodes aren’t always readily available, so Yaminth is a stand out.

AZSimple: A Free WordPress Theme with a Slider and Shortcodes

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes - AZSimple

Download the Free AZSimple Theme

Demo the Free AZSimple Theme


Made by the same developers of “Yaminth” (discussed above), AZSimple is an awesome clean theme that’s perfect for both blogs and magazines. It features a small featured post slider at the top and a gray and blue color scheme making it incredibly versatile.

Panoramica Lite: Free Premium Image Based WordPress Theme

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes - Panoramica

Download the Free Panoramica Theme

Demo the Free Panoramica Theme


The most notable feature of the Panoramica theme is the huge high resolution photo slider on the homepage that shuffles through various images. This feature makes this a great free portfolio WordPress theme or an awesome option for a photographer.

XenaStore: A Free Premium eCommerce Theme for WordPress

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes - Xenastore Free Premium eCommerce Theme

Download the Free XenaStore Theme

Demo the Free XenaStore Theme


This list wouldn’t be near complete without a good strong free premium-quality eCommerce theme to show you. Xenastore is a clean and professional eCommerce theme for WordPress that is designed with YOUR customer in mind. The experience of the store’s buyers is meant to be simple and enjoyable with this theme applied.

Enigma: One of The Best Free Premium Portfolio WordPress Themes

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes - Enigma Free Premium WP Theme with Slider

Download the Free Enigma Theme

Demo the Free Enigma Theme


Enigma is a dark yet clean theme that’s sample content implies it’s a good theme for things like movie reviews. However, the multidimensional homepage layout makes Enigma and excellent free theme for WordPress portfolios.

Grid: A Free Grid Style WordPress Theme

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes - Grid Free Premium Image Portfolio WP Theme

Download the Free Grid Theme

Demo the Free Grid Theme


Grid is a theme that was made for designers, artists, and photographers in mind. This super clean free premium minimalist theme is a great option to use if you’ve got an art or photography portfolio or showcase. The homepage looks like a perfectly curated art gallery making this an excellent option if you’re goal is similar to that.