What is a Pay Per Install Network?

A Pay per install network basically pays you to get users to install a piece of software. Software developers will reach out to the PPI network and sign up, and then the affiliate’s job is to get people to install the software or opt in for the software installation.

Unfortunately, in most cases, this is used as a method of delivering spyware or malware to users computers; the only reason most affiliates participate is the heavy commission payout.

Have you ever had to fix a friend’s computer that had their search experience hijacked? It was most likely because someone “talked them into” installing a piece of software that took over (in a sense) their search experience. And the person that talked them into it earned a chunk of change for getting the installation to happen, i.e. “pay per install.” Why is it valuable? We all know how valuable search traffic is don’t we? Most purchases on the web begin with a search query after all.

With that said, I am sure there are some legitimate reasons that PPI networks are around and I won’t lump them all under one umbrella. Here are some of the top PPI networks based on the ratings.

CPALead: Protect Installers With Content-Locker

One of the best paying networks out there is the content-locking network CPALead. Although not a typical pay-per-install network, it can be used to protect installers. You may want to use the API to better control the offers being displayed to your users.

Cpalead Network Ppi

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However, CPALead is a rather aggressive network. If you are looking for more reputable advertisers, Amonetize is one of the leading platforms out there with tier-1 advertisers such as Baidu and Uniblue.

Amonetize Pay Per Install System

When browsing the web for a good PPI network or system, AMonetize is known on the market for their really great payout’s for US and International companies ranging from ten cents to two dollars per installation. Aside from pornographic material and gambling, Amonetize is flexible and open in their acceptance to their program.

They also offer (somewhat uniquely) your own dedicated account manager that handles your account. You can contact them anytime for help and support and make the most of your earning opportunities.


RevenYou Pay Per Install System That Pays for Free Installation Generations

If you’re looking for a pay per install system that pays even for free installations, RevenYou is a good place to look. An awesome option for the average website developer, RevenYou pays you out because with every free download / installation, the user is downloading several offers.

That said, there’s virtually no coding necessary to start using RevenYou. They offer this really simple “setup wizard” that takes less than a minute to complete and you’ll be good to go.


Earn Money on Download with OneInstaller Pay Per Install Program

OneInstaller is unique because it reviews all downloaders and guarantee’s freedom of malware, spyware, or viruses; which essentially means they’re a legitimate software installation network and not something promoting spam or malware.

Another great thing about the OneInstaller network is that they’re very promotional about getting relevant applications to your users, and not spamming them with useless garbage.


Using the Solimba Network as an Affiliate

Solimba is a newer company (developed in 2010) that puts a large emphasis on useful technologies that can improve tracking and performance of pay per install campaigns.

Built on innovation and standing out, Solimba is a good option for anyone from the beginner to the expert. An example of their innovations is their tool that detects previous installations on the end user’s computer and then provides alternative suggestions when the targeting installation has already been installed.


PayPerInstall Network

PayPerInstall is a network comprised with the expert affiliate marketer in mind. They offer solutions for developers with existing software to earn money, but aside from that they request that only expert affiliate marketers apply.

Extremely selective in both advertisers and publishers, PayPerInstall considers themselves as an elite network, and not a good place for the beginner.

Pay Per Install

GuppyGo Pay Per Install Network

The great thing about GuppyGo is that they offer several options to the publisher and all options are treated equally. Whether you’re trying to just use a banner, a direct link, or even a hostable .exe file you have the option to do so with GuppyGo.

With an expansive showcase, it seems the most popular options for GuppyGo are games.


CashMyLinks Pay Per Install Network

The CashMyLinks option is great because they work with exclusive advertisers that are unique and not overly sold. The advertisers featured on CashMyLinks aren’t featured in many other places at all, if any.

With a huge emphasis on quality instead of quantity, users report higher conversion rates here than on other more traditional networks.


The EarnPerInstall PPI Network

The EarnPerInstall Network is a very basic network that provides simple and clean cut pay per install publishing and advertising. While they are more traditional, it allows them to offer a certain level of reliability which makes them a contender in the top.


AppNext PPI System

With particularly unique mobile and social advertising opportunities, AppNext was generated with “app” developers in mind. You might experience them on Facebook apps, Mobile apps, and other options throughout the digital world.

With both HTML and Flash options available, AppNext is definitely one of a kind in this market space.


PayPerInstallBox Network

Paying out a healthy $1-$2 per install depending on location, PayPerInstallBox offers a unique 5 screen offer option that allows users who download it to go through five different offers (as such, five different opportunities for commission) in one install.

This network even has “special offers” like the free YouTube downloader option with a payout of $1.40 per install.

Pay Per Install Networks - Pay Per Install Box

What Other Pay Per Install / Cost Per Action Networks Are There?

It never hurts to go outside the box.

Although many networks provide grey-hat offers, they most often will have a variety of clean and user-friendly offers that you can promote.

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