Seminars, conferences, web conferences, webinars, coaching, 1 on 1 coaching, the list of possible opportunities to expand your reach, meet new people and learn a few more skills has increased dramatically over the years. During my first years in business, I think I did not attend a single event. Mostly, because I was too focused on building up my business, but also because I was under the impression that those meetings are never really fruitful and a waste of time. But over the years, I attended a bunch of conferences ranging from 20 to 2000 people. Here are 10 reasons why you should attend at least a couple each year.

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1 Fresh Ideas

New Ideas
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When you are working in or on your company, you quickly get a tunnel view. You focus on your own problems without seeing the bigger picture. Seminars and conferences can help you to get a fresh perspective.

2 Sell Your Own B2B Products, Consulting Services, Seminars

Conferences are a great way to connect with other people and get to know all sorts of people. Even if you attend a very focused niche conference, you will usually end up finding people who come from completely different fields. It is a great idea to connect with people from different or cross-disciplinary fields. Let’s say you attend a marketing conference, it’s very likely you will also find a bunch of regular offline entrepreneurs who try to pick up a few marketing lessons. So, if you are smart and you have a B2B service or product, connect with those people, find out what their problem is and hint at the fact that you may have a solution. Obviously, this works extremely well for consultants too.

3 Finding People With The Skills To Solve Your Most Urgent Problems

As an (internet) entrepreneur you usually face a lot of challenges. One of them is finding the right people to solve your problems. Execution and team building are tough challenges and conferences are a great way to find exactly the people who can help you to run your business more smoothly.

4 Socializing

Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur you often work long hours and there’s little time to meet new people at all and if you do, people may not share the same interests. At a niche conference (marketing, entrepreneurship, SEO, etc.) you will find people who know the industry and who often share similar interests as you do. Connecting with people is a lot easier when you share common interests.

5 Motivation

Ok, maybe not all conferences or seminars are that motivational, but personally I’ve made the experience that some speakers you can really relate to can greatly motivate you to overcome the next hurdles. Sure, the motivation may not last forever, maybe only a few weeks, but it can give you enough motivation to get the ball running again.

6 Developing New Strategies

No matter what conference you attend, you will often find something that you can apply directly to your own business. While you listen to the speakers, you should always try to think about how this may relate to me and my business (we do this anyway, often subconsciously, but when you do it consciously all the time, you can take notes and work on your own strategy)

7 Developing Out Of The Box Ideas

When you attend a conference, make sure you take a lot of notes. Always take notes when you hear about a service or product that you have never heard about. In general, we rarely take enough time to try new or competing services. But when you’re at home again, try a few of those services and you may find a great source of inspiration to develop new ideas. Why is that service so successful and how could I apply that strategy to my own business?

8 Enjoy The Change Of Scenery: Do New Things

If you attend a weekend seminar, you will often have to book a hotel. Hotels are a great location to come up with new ideas. When you’re in your office (or working at home) you may not feel very inspired. It’s always the same scenery, the same look out of the window. It’s boring! When you travel, you always make new experiences. Try some food you have never eaten before, meet some local people, etc. – get out of your comfort zone and do new things you wouldn’t normally do.

9 Relax

Most conferences have an after-party or a local follow-up event. Give it a try and simply have a good time!

10 Use It For Personal Growth: Simply Get Out There And Get Things Done!

You will end up meeting all sorts of people. If you want to grow as a person, you should be open to all new opportunities, you will never know where it may lead you to.

Be open-minded, start growing your network and you will get a lot of things done and solve problems you’ve always wanted to tackle.

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