Clickbank is a digital marketplace that has been around for quite some time. My first experience with it was as an affiliate marketer. I have since sold products there in a merchant capacity as well. For the merchant, Clickbank offers a shopping cart with instant digital delivery, an army of affiliates ready to help promote products for commissions, and much more.

In this article, let’s have a quick look at ten ways to make money with Clickbank.

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ClickBank is one of the longest standing affiliate networks available to date. Created in 1998, they emphasize training everyone from beginners to experts on how to use their own skills to make an income with their network. The big message you get just from spending a little time around their site is that you (whoever you are and whatever you do) can make a living online.

How to Make Money as an Affiliate on ClickBank

Clickbank provides two main ways to earn an income through their network, as mentioned above. One as an affiliate (promoting other people’s products) and the other as a merchant (opening the doors for other affiliates to promote your stuff).

Let’s look at some of the different ways you can earn money on Clicbank without having a product of your own to sell.

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1. Start or Use a Niche Blog to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer

Blogging promotion

Bloggers have a unique reach and unique audience that makes affiliate marketing almost natural for them. What a lot of people do is start a blog on just one specific topic and gather an audience in a number of different ways (a lot of time just naturally from search engines).

Whatever the topic is at hand on the blog, there is bound to be a complimentary product in the Clickbank Marketplace that matches. Think about the type of person that will read your content, and recommend a product to help them further.

Let’s walk through a quick example.

You decide to discuss natural health. That’s too broad, so you go deeper into diet, then perhaps the raw food diet. Then you decide you want to go even deeper and discuss different ways to embark on the raw food diet on a budget.

Then you can find a product in Clickbank that offers a budget minded look at going shopping and creating recipes for the raw food diet. Buy and use the product yourself to offer a candid look at its benefits.

And by the way, the order in which you do the above isn’t always relevant. Sometimes it’s better to find and use a product well before deciding on a niche for your blog.

2. Choose One Product to Market for ClickBank and Stick to It

This method is similar to the blogging method – but it doesn’t only apply to bloggers. This is where you find one product or set of products that offer a particularly high commission that you want to endorse directly. Once you’ve done that, you’d then market the product almost as if it were your own. Not taking credit for it, of course; simply marketing one product and staying loyal to it’s success.

In other words, stay focused on the pocket of people interested in that one product and earn money providing value to that niche. Bouncing around from product to product, offer to offer will NOT get you results (in 99.9% of cases).

3. Use ClickBank to Create a Directory of Related Products

Product Directory

This approach I think could be looked at as a “lazy” way to market, or a way to add value to (or broaden the scope of) an already established web site.

One option you have to earning a passive income using ClickBank is to create a product directory of related products that you market. Clickbank has a featured product page that shows you all of their best selling products by category.

4. Make Money Offering ClickBank Products to an Existing Audience

Mailing List

If you’ve got a following of any type (Twitter, Facebook, Email mailing list, etc), you have the opportunity to earn money by figuring out what kind of product your following would be interested in, and making them aware of one of the many products offered on ClickBank that they’d find useful.

Once you get your existing following to know, like, and trust you, it’s much simpler to “sell” them stuff in the future.

But, please provide value at every turn.

As with any business, you’re going to encounter the most success when you make your goal more about making other peoples’ lives easier, and less about making yourself money.

5. Make Money as a Clickbank Affiliate Without a Website

Believe it or not, you can still make money from the ClickBank network even if you don’t have a website. The number one way to accomplish this, is by using a video service (like YouTube) and “Vlog” about the niche of the product you’re looking to promote.

You’d have to get comfortable in front of a camera, but YouTube is a great way to build an audience and make money. Consider screencasts if you are of the more reserved type.

Now, I know that you might be saying that there is still a website involved in the promotion, YouTube. That’s correct, but what I am referring to is not having your own site. In this case you would just have a channel on an existing authority site. You can do the same with Blogger,, Tumblr, etc. Just read the rules in regards to posting affiliate links before you start promoting.

Now for an offline “no website” approach, consider putting up posters talking about an offer, and post in relevant places (a raw food offer at a local raw food class for example). Include a URL that redirects to a Clickbank offer with your affiliate link. Also include the QR code that Clickbank provides for each affiliate link, so that mobile users can enjoy your offer as well.

How to Make Money as a Writer Without a Degree, Using Clickbank

A lot of people love to write, but they aren’t sure how they can make money writing without a degree. The fabulous part about the Internet exploding the way it has is that you don’t need a degree to make money writing.

All you need is a great concept, something to write about, and an ability to write in a way that connects to an audience. Where might you get these concepts? What might you need? Let’s take a look.

clickbank author

6. Use Your Education to Make Money with an eBook Online

If you’re college educated, familiar with a trade, or have any training for anything, you can easily use your training to train others. While you cannot give anyone a certificate or degree, you can certainly educate someone in something they’re not educated in already.


For example, if you’re a cosmetologist, and you think mainstream people (outside of the industry) might want to know the rules of foundation, you could easily make and sell an eBook about it.

7. Use a Research Report or Case Study to Make Money with Clickbank

If you have access to some research or case studies that make valid and important points, you can use these results and findings to create a case study report that will help other people expand their work or businesses.

Case studies should be thorough, visually interesting, and catchy in order to make good sales. But this is a great type of eBook to publish for an income.

8. Create an eBook on How to Achieve a Goal in a Hobby You Have


Potentially the most fun and useful way to make money with Clickbank is by monetizing your hobby. This is also probably the easiest, because who doesn’t love to talk about something fun? You can teach people your hobby, talk about how to get into it, or even tell success stories about it and make a decent income with an eBook.

Everything from art, to video games, to photography can be turned into useful information for hobbyists. Even fishing!

9. Create a Virtual Guidebook to Something You Know


You have skills, knowledge, and information that other people don’t have, but desperately want. I don’t know who you are, but I still know that is true. You deserve to use those skills as a career! Virtually any information can be turned into a beginners style guidebook. Breaking down something you know like the back of your hand for people who really want to know, is an excellent strategy.

10. Use What You’ve Learned During Your Day Job to Create a New Career


When you’ve worked in a field for years and years, you’re bound to have picked up a few tricks along the way. Did you ever consider that you could use your “inside knowledge” to help others and earn an income while doing it?

Things that seem super basic to you are incredibly complex to outsiders, and there are people willing to pay for that information. Particularly if you’re in a leadership position during your day job. It would be easy for you to translate useful information to outsiders.

If you are comfortable in front of a camera but don’t know the “techy” stuff, just talk about specific topics on camera. Then have someone (try Fiverr) publish your videos. Have someone else convert them to audio and publish a podcast. Also, you could have them transcribed into blog posts, articles, and/or PDFs, all for very little money in a lot of cases.

In Conclusion

Regardless of your skill level, day job, training, or life, you can make an income with ClickBank. It’s been done. So get out there, get talking, and start your new career.

The above information really only scratches the surface to the possibilities with Clickbank. You can be an affiliate, a merchant or a combination of the two. You can wear hats in both on the same exact web site in the same niche. As long as you are able to provide value more than what is offered in the marketplace already, you have an opportunity.