Choosing a repsonsive theme for your WordPress blog is a wise choice. It essentially helps your web site to “respond” to the screen that it is currently being displayed on. More than just the size of the screen, it is meant to respond to the orientation of the screen as well.

Many developers of responsive WordPress themes are starting the development phase from the smallest screen to the largest. So, rather than pick one standard resolution for a desktop computer, like 1024×768, and develop for that, they are creating the theme for a smartphone for example. Then, they work up from there, and an excellent developer will make sure his or her creation looks just as a good on a large screen TV set as well.

Responsive themes will auto-detect the screen size and resolution (and sometimes the actual device) and display HTML that will format properly for that environment. Often this involves the use of unique stylesheets, but other methods may be employed as well.

The good news for WordPress users is that with just one theme we are able to support all or most screen sizes and orientations, even having a mobile site out of the box.

Below I have highlighted a selection of well developed responsove WordPress themes that are available on

1) Modern Interior Responsive WordPress Theme

Modern Interior theme screenshot

This theme is geared towards a specific industry, specifically the decoration and interior design industry, so it is very niche. It includes two portfolio post types, one that utilizes AJAX, and one that doesn’t. It as a WPML-ready theme making it easily tranlatable into multiple languages. Both machine and human translations can be performed.

It also offers a one-click demo install that carries a set of sample data. Other features include a custom drag and drop page builder, Google font management tool (with more than 600 fonts), attractive sliders, and more. The single use license for the theme is $45 and offers free after sales support.

2) Fitness Club – Responsive WordPress Theme

Fitness Club theme screenshot

This muli-color, responsive layout theme is for, as you might have guessed, the fitness club and “gym” niche of web sites. Available at the same price as the Modern Interior theme ($45), it will actually provide value to multiple schedule based businesses including spas, massage therapy, yoga, hair cutting industries and the like.

There are multiple custom post types with this theme which include post types for: the home page, testimonials, classes, trainers, slide shows, contact page. It provides native support for the schedule management plugin Weekly Class Schedule. This plugin lets you generate a weekly schedule of classes of any kind.

3) Dignitas – Hotel & Apartment Responsive Theme

Hotel and Apartment theme screenshot

This theme works well for the hotel, apartment, and even spa, resort, travel angency, and other industries. It has a working booking form. You are able to setup accomodations to link to the booking or reservation forms.

Each “property” can have image slide shows and videos for more visual information. Of course, textual information is present for each property. And then “icon sets” can be included to represent the feature list for each property. Options may include: free wifi, TV and satellite, laundry, handicapped accessibility, and so on. And since it is meant for localized businesses, there is a simple widget that can be placed to show the weather forecast (using the free World Weather Online API) for that location.

More than just for WordPress, there is also a responsive HTML template available for non-WP sites. The WordPress theme sells for $45, and the HTML template is available for $15.

4) Cooky Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Cooky Restaurant theme screenshot

In the restaurants and cafes category we have the Cooky Restaurant theme for WordPress, available as well for $45. It is based loosely on the designers HTML template of the same name.

There are unlimited color options, the ability to create a full menu with prices that are printable (using Easy Restaurant Menu Manager, and offers native integration for a BBPress forum.

Included are interesting layouts for the menus, several different home page options, and a custom post type for the restaurants “team.”

5) uShop – Responsive Retina WooCommerce Theme

uShop theme screenshot

Finally, I want to present the uShop theme by the CosmoThemes team. This theme costs a little more, being offered for sale at $55 rather than the typical $45.

The theme is meant for digital storefronts, and has native support for the free WooCommerce plugin by WooThemes. uShop features a drag and drop layout builder to build pages of any type of content including: testimonials, team groups, banners, etc.

To implement social interaction and engagement, there are monitored Facebook “likes” and when they reach a set number, the item becomes “hot.” To start things off, each item can get a random “like” count so not everything is sitting at 0 likes initially.

A brief look at the WooCommerce feature set:

  • It has been fully security audited by Sucuri.
  • Advanced reporting functionality is included.
  • It includes advanced (and simple) tax and shipping options, including free shipping promos.
  • Day to day management using the intuitive UI.
  • Complex coupon system built in.
  • Built with fully semantic HTML5 markup.
  • SEO-smart out of the box.

In Conclusion

Rather than create a new web site for mobile, it’s easier (and even Google recommended) to use responsive design when possible. It still essentially creates a “new” version of a site for different screen sizes, but with one set of code. This makes it easier to crawl for search engines and easier to maintain for web masters.

Niche responsive themes are available all across the web. They essentially build in functionality into the theme that is often accomplished with plugins. Or, the themes will have custom post types or page templates that are designed to work with existing plugins.

Niche themes for WordPress that are responsive by nature make it simple and fast to get a business web site off the ground that supports most, if not all, screen sizes. WPML-ready themes take it a step further by allowing the site to accommodate International visitors.