Link building is not dead regardless of what people say and it still has its place in driving organic traffic to your site for the purpose of ranking on search engines as well as monetary gains. The following are top 7 link building tools that can make your efforts in building quality back links easier and more efficient. These are in no particular order.
Link Building Tools

1 Raven

Manage your links with Raven SEO tools which includes highly customizable Link Manager. You get access to awesome features that show you:

  • When an anchor text has been altered
  • The addition of a “nofollow”
  • Change in PageRank
  • Removal of a link
  • Categorized links for optimal reporting

2 Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools helps you rank higher on search engines by providing you everything you need to establish quality links on any domain. Its features include 17 awesome SEO tools that can:

  • Rid of bad or broken links
  • Assess your backlinks
  • Helps you get ahead of the competition
  • Compare domains

It’s affordable, easy to use and allows you to build links quickly and effortlessly.

3 SoloSEO

With an extensive collection of SEO implementation tools such as Links Manager and Link Build It, you’ll have everything you need with the SoloSEO. Some of the features include:

  • Discover links on any domain
  • Evaluate link quality
  • Track the progress of a link
  • Ongoing link detection
  • Notification of deleted links
  • Backlink count on domains
  • And more…

4 Majestic SEO

You can track the link information to yours or your competitors’ domain with this tool and access things like sub domains, pages, links, images, and more. In addition, take advantage of the numerous link intelligence tools that they provide including:

  • Backlink History; determine the number of backlinks detected by web robots on any given site or URL
  • Bulk Backlink Checker; get the backlink count on numerous domains
  • Clique Hunter; locate all the “cliques” that link to a list of domains
  • Comparator; compare the headline stats of up to 5 different domains
  • And many more…

5 Open Site Explorer

It’s one of the easiest tools to use when it comes to using competitor backlinks to build links. You’re allotted up to 3 free reports a day. Reports include information such as:

  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Anchor text
  • Domain authority
  • Page authority

6 BuzzStream

If you don’t like having to manually go through the redundant motions of link building then BuzzStream offers you tools that will do a lot of the tedious tasks for you. It combines SEO applications and online PR in one useful link building CRM system. The tools also allow you to:

  • Detect links
  • Provide link suggestions
  • Manages links and relationships
  • Addition of new link opportunities
  • Reports new, changed and dropped links

And these are just barely scratching the surface.

7 Sheer SEO Backlink Checker

For a link tool that won’t let you down, this is one to consider. Sheer SEO provides you with a watchdog-system that literally “guards backlinks” with the following elements being monitored at all times:

  • “nofollow” backlinks
  • Presence of meta tags “noindex” in addition to “nofollow”
  • Page availability
  • Link existence on your site
  • Amount of referring page outbound links
  • Anchor text displayed on pages
  • PageRank on search engines