WordPress provides a great platform for plugin developers, with multiple tools available online and a large user base to rely on for support and advice. Once you’ve developed several good plugins, tested them and received positive feedback from fellow developers and webmasters, it is time to take things to the next level and sell them to WordPress community. Some of the good outlets for this include your own website and webmaster forums. But probably the easiest way to start selling is by using WordPress plugin marketplaces. And while most of them will take a percentage of your sales, some more than others, you will still benefit from great exposure, targeted customer base and free promotion. It is always a good idea to start out in such marketplaces; and once you develop a solid customer base, you can then invite your buyers to visit your own website.

Here is a list of seven popular plugin marketplaces you should consider.



CodeCanyon is part of Envato Marketplaces, and specializes not only in WordPress plugins, but also in a wide variety of other digital products. The website has a WordPress section, which features plugins, widgets and themes, among other categories. To become an author, you have to take a brief quiz, answering questions on copyright issues, licensing, acceptable product formats, file names and product documentation. Your payout rate here will largely depend on whether you sell exclusively through CodeCanyon or have your products available through other online marketplaces as well.

Exclusive authors get from 50% to 70% of the revenue, and the higher your sales, the higher the share CodeCanyon will give you. The earning requirements for a “raise” are rather high – you have to make as much as $75,000 to be able to receive 70% of your plugin’s cost. You will receive 30% of every sale if you are a non-exclusive author.



MOJO Code is another marketplace that carries a variety of digital items in PHP, Java, CSS and Magento, among others. It also has an extensive section for WordPress products, encouraging authors to “wire in” and start selling their products through its marketplace. If you are planning to sell multiple plugins, do not expect them to be featured on the website immediately, though. MOJO Code has to approve every product before it’s put up for sale. Just like CodeCanyon, MOJO Code pays its exclusive authors from 50% to 70% of the product’s price. Your rate will depend on the number of sales, however, and not on the total amount sold, as in the case of CodeCanyon. At MOJO Code, you have to conduct more than 2,000 sales to reach the 70% commission ceiling. By lowering your commission to 25%, the website allows you to “pimp your work anywhere,” or become a non-exclusive seller.



Unlike the previous two websites, Flubers specializes exclusively in WordPress products, such as plugins, logos and themes. The author registration process is simple, but similarly to MOJO Code, Flubers carefully reviews every product you post for sale. So it’s a good idea to go through the website’s instructions and FAQ guide before attempting to make your first sale. The commission, once again, ranges from 50% to 70% for exclusive authors, and one must sell $73,250 in products to be able to get the maximum rate. Unlike many of its competitors, Flubers does not support non-exclusive sales.

WP Eden


WP Eden is a WordPress marketplace specializing in plugins, themes and tutorials. You can easily register to be an author and start submitting your work. The website will have to approve your products before they are posted. WP Eden’s commission rates are a lot more favorable to authors than the rates of many other similar websites. The marketplace pays plugin authors 75% for their first 50 sales, and 80% for any sales that follow. The commissions are somewhat lower for theme authors, at 50% for the first 100 sales and 65% for any sales after that. You will receive 25% for any non-exclusive items. Its competitive pricing makes WP Eden a great option for any developer.



MightyDeals.com is another marketplace that caters to Web professionals, although it has a different approach to selling. It allows authors to submit their own “daily deals” of their products at a discounted rate of 50% to 90%. If you want to give MightyDeals.com a try, you will need to fill out a form, describing your product and posting its regular and discounted prices. If your item is selected by the marketplace, you will be contacted by its representative. Selling plugins here is a good idea, as WordPress products are one of the website’s specialties. MightyDeals.com has a convenient seller dashboard, which allows you to see how many sales you have made and receive your payments immediately. Your deal will only run on the website for a certain amount of time, after which it becomes inactive. The ticker is displayed next to the product on sale, showing the remaining amount of time buyers have to purchase it.



A marketplace specializing in WordPress-related products, AppThemes allows sellers to not only submit their products to the website, but also suggest their price. Your submission will go through a review process and get tested by AppThemes. If the product works well and is a good match for the marketplace, it will be posted for sale. The website will determine the final price of the plugin, taking into consideration your suggestion. You are free to withdraw your submission if the cost does not seem fair to you. Sellers receive a 60% commission from every purchase. However, you can get an additional 30% by referring buyers to your product’s page, for a total of up to 90%. Similarly to Flubers, AppThemes only accepts exclusive products.

WordPress Marketplace


WordPress Marketplace is an entirely free platform for WordPress developers to sell their products. The website charges its users no membership fees, and authors get 100% of the revenue from their plugins. The downside is that this marketplace does not get as much traffic as some of its more popular competitors, so your exposure will not be as great, which is likely to also negatively affect your sales. It is still worth considering for a beginning developer who needs a little exposure and feedback to start with. You can either sell your plugins and themes here, or give them away for free.