Ecommerce is a very competitive market and site owners do what they can to try and improve their sites’ performance as far as visibility and conversions. But how do they know whether all the changes, upgrading, and optimization they’re doing really works?

An important factor to seeing whether the “improvements” you’ve made on your site really enhances the overall productivity or whether you’ve just taken one step back in progress is to test your site. Testing can also help you to see what users are experiencing when they visit your site. Best of all, testing doesn’t have to cost you a penny since there are many free testing tools out there that are both efficient and accurate. Below are some of the top free Ecommerce testing tools you might want to check out.


Some site owners wonder whether the design of their site might have an effect on their productivity. Now you can find out with Spur. All you have to do is upload an image onto the site or paste your URL and you’re presented with seven different tools that allow you to critic your design and see what elements should stay and what should go.



This open source testing tool is free of charge and provides you with a simple way to detect hot and cold zones on your pages. A visual heat map detects clicks on HTML pages and lets you to see where most of the action is taking place.

Google Analytics Content Experiments

If you already have a Google Analytics account, which is fairly easy to set up if you don’t, then you’ll be able to use Content Experiments for free. It allows you to test different versions of the pages on your site to see which one is more effective in attracting conversions or getting visitors to take some kind of action. Up to five variations of a single page can be created and tested with separate URLs.

Now you can view your web and cloud system in its entirety from a single dashboard as well as monitor your site’s downtime, response time, databases, web applications, server and network health.

Xenu Link Sleuth

Sometimes your site’s links will become inactive or broken and Xenu Link Sleuth will scan your site for these links. This assessment is done on images, frames, links, plug-ins and many more. A continuously updated list of URLs will be on display for your convenience and reference.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Get helpful suggestions from Google PageSpeed Insights. This tool will analyze the content of a web page and then provide you with insights as to how to make the page faster and more efficient.


This open source online web application will provide you with a convenient way to test your sites’ browser compatibility by making screenshots of your site and then incorporating them into various operating systems and browsers.

W3C mobileOK Checker

The number of users who use their mobile devices to get online has grown exponentially and this tool will help you determine how in sync your web page is with mobile operations. It’ll assess interoperability, efficiency and usability.