Network 5: adBrite

As we continue our list of the top CPM Ad Networks, we couldn’t help but include adBrite, as no such list would be complete without it. One thing that really stands out about this Ad Network, is its user friendliness. It’s really easy for anyone to go in, and access the publishers they need to in order to make their campaigns as profitable as possible. It should also be noted that adBrite is the largest private exchange. They enjoy a whopping 300 million visitors each month to their network of publishers, and half of that traffic is from the U.S, so you can expect quite a bit of quality. Overall, a great ad network, highly recommended.

Network 6: Burst Media

Burst Media is a pretty good ad network. Overall, it seems to be a bit more beneficial to the publishers, as their CPM’s are high, but they don’t gouge too much on the rates… most of the profits, they pass onto their publishers which is nice to know. Then again, all of the Ad Networks tend to have extremely high CPM’s, that’s just the price you have to pay if you want to enjoy the ability to scale up your campaigns extremely quickly.

The publishers who are working with Burst Media also have absolute control over which ads they want to run on their site, so at the end of the day, if you’re running an ad on a site, and it’s very profitable, but the webmaster of that site wishes not to continue running it for any reason, than that’s all there is to it, and the ad will be taken down. Requiring only 25,000 visitors per month to join, they’re pretty lenient on who gets in, as compared to some of the other networks. Overall, I’d say that Burst Media is absolutely great for the Publishers, and pretty good for the Advertisers as well.

Network 7: AdTegrity

AdTegrity is pretty nice, because they help make things easier, and more user-friendly to us, the Advertisers. They segment all their traffic into different categories, in order to make targeting easier, which is always nice. Just like with adBrite, 50% of all Publisher’s traffic is from the United States, so again you’re getting quality traffic. AdTegrity is also one of the few ad networks that requires 500,000 page views (the same as Tribal Fusion) in order for someone to sign up with them as a Publisher, so as an Advertiser, you know you’re only dealing with the top-dogs. Overall, I’d say it’s safe to say that AdTegrity is an excellent network for the advertisers, and while they can have strict guidelines for their Publishers, it’s a pretty good Network for them too. It makes the list.


Well, that concludes our list of the top 9 best ad networks. Keep in mind, Ad Networks are for the pros, so if you’re not there yet, don’t let that discourage you, just keep using RTB’s, as well as media buying to scale up with, and you’ll no doubt get there soon enough. Most of the traffic on these ad networks can be accessed with either the SiteScout or ClickCertain RTB’s anyways, but usually at a slight mark-up.