There are a ridiculous amount of broken links across the Web. There are many reasons links become broken, one such reason is when web sites (or pages within them) go down. The web sites may have been valuable resources at one time and were the destination for many links.

Broken Links

Well, when a site goes down for whatever reason, if it is permanently down, it may leave a lot of broken links across the Web. The web masters of the sites that link(ed) to the resource may not have “broken link checking” technology in place and may not be aware that the link is in fact broken.


Not That It Is Your Job To Clean Up The Ongoing Broken Link Issue On The Internet, But You Can Help Out And Get Some Backlinks From Your Efforts

The broken link issue on the Internet is a vast problem, and not a problem that one man or one machine should venture to tackle. Perhaps in due time it will all work itself out, but in the meantime we can hunt down a few of these broken links and request that our link be placed in there to keep the “chain” in tact.

It’s really a simple process:

1) We find a link on a web page on the Internet that is broken.

2) If the page or web site has value and has some relevancy to our site it may be worth the effort to request that our URL be put in place so that the link is no longer broken.

Now, if we don’t have a web page on one of our Internet properties that would make sense to fill the spot, then we can create one.

The Wayback Machine is a great tool that will allow us to see the content that used to exist at the broken link so that we know what was linked to before by the webmaster. Then we can create the content.

Once the content is in place, we can take a look at all of the sites that linked to the old broken URL and help the webmaster “repair the chain.”


Check Your Favorite Site For Broken Links

There are probably sites within your niche that you read on a regular basis. There are others that you may not read but that you are know are leaders in the niche. Or perhaps you know a “general” authority site that has a category that covers your niche. Either way, there are tools that will let you scan these sites for broken links.

Once you find one, create a resource that could be used to fix the broken link if you don’t already have one. Then inform the webmaster of the broken link and tell them that you have a resource that they can link to to fill the spot.

Link building and/or networking opportunities may be the result.



Find Sites By Keyword That Have Broken Links

The idea here is to use a tool that you can enter in a keyword that matches your industry or niche. The tool will then go out and find links that used to exist matching that keyword.

From there you can look at the Wayback Machine to see how the content used to look. Plus you can check the sites that attempt to link to the content and you then have new opportunities for link building.