There are plenty of popular WordPress plugins to choose from, allowing you to add useful components to your site like improved SEO, social media widgets, sign-up forms, extra security elements and much more. This article will take a look into some of the newest plugins that are already getting great reviews from users. It you like to stay ahead of the trends and be the first to add great new features to your website or blog, this list is for you.

1. SEO Plugin LiveOptim


This plugin will automatically optimize your articles, helping boost their ranking in search engines. LiveOptim will process all your content for you and add internal links around any keywords it finds. The developers promise that with the help of the plugin, your site will climb up in Google listings effortlessly and naturally. SEO Plugin LiveOptim produces a directory of all the key phrases on your site, and its algorithm automatically tags content in compliance with Google’s guidelines.

2. ContentClick


If you are looking for new ways to monetize your site, ContentClick might be a great solution. It provides an alternative to low-performing banner ads, offering sponsored content that can be placed in the sidebar or at the end of your posts. The plugin reads your content and suggests relevant sponsored ads from its database. It promises higher click-through rates and better revenues as compared to standard banners and other traditional ad formats. ContentClick doesn’t require any technical knowledge and easily integrates with the look of your site. It also lets you check your impressions on the go and get an overview of revenue stats, among other functions.

3. Facebook Page Popup Cadence


Bloggers who are extremely active on Facebook might find that a simple Like button is not enough to link this social media channel to their sites. If you want to establish a better connection between your blog and your Facebook page or group, Facebook Page Popup Cadence will help you do just that. The plugin lets you show your visitors a lightbox with a preconfigured fan page. You can limit the lightbox to display a certain amount of times per day or per individual user, among other settings. This is a great way to promote your page or group through your blog.

4. All-in-One WP Migration


If you are intimidated by the idea of migrating your WordPress site or have ever struggled with such a task, this plugin addresses that issue. It automates the migration process and takes care of any bumps you might have otherwise experienced when doing the transfer on your own. For instance, it will bypass the upload size limitations of any Web server, splitting the imported data into chunks for you. All-in-One authors provided users with a simple video tutorial of how to move the site using the plugin, ensuring that even those with limited WordPress skills can complete the task in just a couple of minutes.

5. SMK Sidebar Generator


If you feel limited by the amount of sidebars your particular theme provides, SMK Sidebar Generator will let you easily get around this issue. The plugin will generate any amount of sidebars you might need and let you place them on any pages around your site. You can display the sidebars using the built-in WordPress functionality, a shortcode or a custom function. Other features include full AJAX and name validation. The plugin is open source, so you can add your own features to it if you wish.

6. Compress PNG for WP


If a lot of the images on your WordPress site are in PNG format and if you are not entirely happy with the performance of, this plugin provides a brand new alternative. Users report that it does a great job at compressing your PNGs, which is a must for optimizing your site’s speed and saving on storage space. Some reviews state that the plugin does a better job than It loses to its more established competitor in the fact that it doesn’t offer bulk compression, but the authors said they are working on adding this feature. PNG for WP uses the TinyPNG API to shrink the sizes of your images. It is also fully compatible with the plugin, so if you have some pictures in formats other than PNG, you can run both side to side.

7. OH YouTube In LightBox


This simple plugin allows you to create a lightbox of any YouTube videos on your site, providing for a more natural, better-looking presentation. The plugin inherits the design of the theme you are using, so your YouTube lightboxes will seamlessly blend in with your site’s overall look. The setup is quick and simple, and you can add as many video widgets to each page as you like.

8. Lasgo


Lasgo is a useful new plugin for those of you who are just getting into WordPress. It provides an interactive learn-as-you-go experience for users as they work with WordPress interface. The plugin will offer tips about any pages you visit, let you find answers to common questions and take a skill exam to check how you are doing. Lasgo takes a lighthearted approach to learning, displaying some jokes in the process. If you are a serious type of learner, you can always disable these through the plugin’s settings. Lasgo’s interactive interface will let you earn points for completing different tasks, search its selection of tutorials or post your own question, and complete up to seven levels of tests.

9. FB Viral Downloader


This plugin provides a great viral marketing tool, letting your readers download files from your site with the purpose of sharing them via their Facebook profiles. If they find content they like and want to share, users will be redirected to their Facebook accounts and given an option to download the file. The plugin ensures that viewers can only download the content to share it via Facebook, but not for any other purposes. It also lets you add titles and descriptions to the links that will be posted on users’ walls.

10. Triagis Security Evaluation

This is a security plugin that you can use to improve your security

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