Mobile is no longer the future, rather it is the here and now. Given that this is the case and the state of affairs of the World Wide Web in 2013, it’s pretty mind-boggling to see how many websites still do not have mobile optimized versions. Only 6 of Fortune 100 companies have mobile optimized websites. With Apple, a company who is responsible for nearly 25% of all mobile web browsing, does not have a mobile optimized site.

mobile website example

1 Mobile Website Benefits

The benefits of having a mobile website are many. The first is simply the user experience. Users can access and view content much easier on mobile website then a traditional site. Mobile users have to pinch and zoom to read content on the site that is not mobile optimized. Additionally, for purposes of e-commerce and list building, forms are harder to navigate on non-mobile friendly site. In many cases, mobile websites are stripped-down versions of the original, however the trend seems to show mobiles sites adding more functionality, just making the user experience more fluid.

2 Mobile Matters for SEO

From a search engine optimization perspective, having a mobile site is now becoming a necessity. Google’s results are always relative, and so the results that are shown when searching on mobile are moving towards mobile site results. This was confirmed recently by Google, in particular Matt Cutts, Google’s head of web spam. Mr. Cutts is perhaps the foremost insider authority and resource inside of Google for search engine optimization professionals.

One of the concerns that has been addressed by Google, is that of duplicate account. It has been clarified that if a mobile subdomain for a website contains duplicate content from the main domain for expressed purposes of a mobile website, there would be no duplicate content penalty. Google can verify this due to the scripting showing that the mobile version is to be served for mobile browsers, and the regular version to be served for desktop browsers.

3 Mobile Means Business

Nearly 50% of mobile searches are done with commercial intent, meaning there is intent from that user to make a purchasing decision. Knowing this, e-commerce site owners should take heed. Mobile means business and the best way to get that mobile business is to have a mobile optimized website. This will benefit not only your user for the experience which is improved on the mobile website, but also for how you rank and search and the traffic that will generate to your website.

Mobile is here today, growing with every tablet and smartphone purchase, where there is no sign of slowing down. There’s never been a better time than the present to embrace mobile.