If you’re a webmaster who administrates servers, you will end up getting the error CPanel SoftException UID is smaller than min_uid at some point, there is an easy fix for this

1. First check your error_log when the error appears tail -f /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log

2. Check who owns the account folder e.g. /home/siteaccount/public_html – who owns public_html?

3. If root:root owns public_html like this:

Root Root Owns Public Html Folder.png

4. Open SSH via Putty or similar tool

5. Enter chown user:user /home/sitename/public_html – Replace user with the user account name e.g. if your site is called videogame, the user account name could be videogam:videogam (account is limited to 8 characters in WHM)

Example chown videogam:videogam /home/videogame/public_html

6. You can check the user account name quite easily. Open WHM / Cpanel – Go to “List accounts” in WHM and then check the account table for the username, alternatively open FTP via FIlezilla and open the public_html folder – who owns the subfolders? That is going to be the user account most likely unless you messed with the permission system

Additionally you may want to run the command: 

chown -R videogam:videogam public_html while cd’d into /home/videogame/