Alright, so I wanted to add a HTML field to our new author bio box. When doing that I eventually was wondering how the heck do I add a HTML field to Drupal to the Author box?

1. Click on Configuration at the top and open the Drupal Account Settings

Open Drupal Account Settings.png

2. Next at the top right there is a tab called Manage Fields, click on it

Manage Fields Drupal.png

3. Next, scroll down and enter a name for your new field – select Text from the Dropdown:

Adding New Field.png

4. Alright, now after saving your new field an “edit” link will appear:

Edit Text Field.png

5. Now comes the most important step, scroll down and select the checkbox “Filtered text”. Once this is selected and you saved it, a TinyMCE editor or whatever editor you use will appear and you can properly format your HTML

Filtered Text Html Field.png

6. Go back to People or wherever you wanted to add a HTML field

7. Edit the author you want to add a HTML field for

8. In this case I wanted to add a G+ link – this is now easy to format using the TinyMCE editor:

Editing Html Field.png

9. Done!