It seems that with the recent, alebit quiet, sale of HostGator to Endurance International Group, Inc. (EIG), formerly BizLand, more than one customer is having an issue with down time and tech support.

Many people who have been long time users of HostGator, whether using shared, VPS or dedicated hosting, are seeing problems. Essentially what is happening is, the servers are going down and staying down. Many users are complaining of canned responses by tech support and having to submit many reboot requests.

So, what’s the process of moving sites way from HostGator?

Hostgator outages for one server

First, Research and Buy a New Hosting Account

Depending on how many sites that you have, it might take awhile to move everything over. Plan for a month minimum where you will have overlapping hosting accounts. Don’t feel like you have to do everything in one single day. Just do one site at a time, one domain at a time. And test thoroughly.

And pause all your paid traffic!

If you are on a shared hosting account, do the main site attached to that account last. Do the “add-on” domains first.

When you find a new host to consider, contact the live support team to get a feel of how the service is (but remember it is all relative, and people are people, they have good days and bad). Then contact the sales team on the phone and explain the level of business you want to bring their way. Ask if they will dedicate someone to work with you to move your sites across. Maybe ask if they will move just one over and then you can see how things go before moving the rest.

If you are hosting just WordPress sites, consider a managed WordPress host like WP Engine. Or look at the recommended hosting companies.

I’m not one to put a blanket statement over anything but according to the disruptive chatter about HostGator going down the tubes, it has been suggested by more than one individual that other EIG hosting is being affected as well.

Other popular host brands under the EIG umbrella include: Bluehost,, Dot5Hosting, Dotster, easyCGI, Homestead, HostMonster, HyperMart, iPower, iPowerWeb, JustHost, PowWeb, PureHost, and others. See a larger list on the Wikipedia page here.

A Proposed Process for Moving Sites From HG Elsewhere, Plus Some Tips

OK, if you are fed up with HostGator, and you are to manually move your sites away from their servers, consider the following:

  • a) There are a lot of people that will “recommend” a host because they get good money from the referral, but I’m sure that you know that by now. In other words, do your due diligence. Referrals aren’t always real. Maybe consider a little known company in a quiet corner on the web. Or maybe it’s time to go “in house.”
  • b) There are many hosts that will offer you a trial, especially under the circumstances. There are also just as many that will handle the moving of all your sites for you. Just ask, that’s the only way to know.
  • c) Move one site at a time. Perhaps even spread your portfolio across multiple hosts to get an idea of what is available. Then you can write a verifiable review and be rewarded great commissions from your real experience.
  • d) If you host domains with HostGator, consider NOT moving them to the new web host that you choose, but hosting them with a reputable domain host instead. I recommend NameCheap because you get free WhoIs Privacy for the first year, the interface is simple, they have security measures in place, and they don’t bug ya.
  • e) Consider all the components to each of your web sites. There are web site files, possible databases, maybe some email accounts, some custom redirects/subdomains/DNS settings, etc. Those will all need to be put back in place on the new server. And hopefully you didn’t hardcode any paths in your applications. Nightmare coming if so.
  • f) Move the files and database over first and make sure everything works. You should be able to browse to the site by IP Address or a temporary domain. Then once all looks good you can do the domain name stuff after (name server, emails, and DNS stuff for example).

In Conclusion

With all that said, I do not have any recommendations for a web host for you. Up until recently (after reading the stories) I would have recommended HostGator. And for the record, I haven’t seen any issues with my HostGator hosted sites beyond the norm (knocking on wood). But I will say that I do not recommend GoDaddy, however things may have improved over the last year or two, I wouldn’t know.