In this article, let’s finish going over some of the best benefits you’ll get from using Jetpack for WordPress. There are more than we can cover in just these two articles however, so really, if you want to see it’s power, you should give it a try (other than the security module, it’s free). Let’s get into it…


Benefit #6: Customizable CSS

For anyone who knows CSS, this part of the plugin is a must-have. It’s really difficult to use custom CSS code without compromising your whole blog unless you use this. You can add CSS to your current theme if you want, OR, you can just REMOVE all the CSS from your theme, being left with nothing but the HTML code, and then you can build up your own Style Sheets from scratch. You can also hold on to different versions you save, as well as the original theme, so you can always go back if you do something you don’t like. One complaint that many people have with WordPress as opposed to another CMS like Joomla, for example, is it’s lack of customizability. This will definitely change that, at least where all your CSS is concerned.


Benefit #7: Keep Your Social Networks Up To Date…

With the Publicize module, you can automatically have all your posts submitted to your social networks. You can pick and choose which ones you want to have it post to, and it will do so for you each and every time you publish a new post. It can post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Adding these accounts is really simple, and you only have to do it just one time, and you’re good to go. A handy plugin for keeping your social networks in the loop with everything that’s going on with your blog.


Benefit #8: Make Your Site Mobile-Ready

Each and every day, it seems less and less people are using normal desktop PC’s and laptops, while more and more people are using PDA’s and Smartphones. If people are accessing your website via a mobile device like a Smartphone, chances are, it’s going to look all out of whack. But that’s OK, because you can now use the Mobile Theme module in Jetpack to EASILY make your site mobile-ready. The mobile theme checks first to see what type of Operating System the user’s coming from, and if it’s a mobile OS, then, and only then will it load the mobile theme. It looks totally neat, clean, and smooth on mobile devices AND, is extremely easy to navigate. Highly recommend it.

Benefit #9: Make Your Posts From Your E-mail

Making posts directly on your WordPress site is so 2011. Nowadays, with the cloud-power of Jetpack, you can upload blog posts directly from your e-mail using the Posts By E-mail module. And the best part? You can post right from your Smartphone and via any e-mail client. How handy is that? And it’s not just YOU (the admin) who can do this either, anyone who writes for your blog can post to it from their own separate e-mail accounts, relieving the need for them to ever even have to log into your WordPress site at all. Just make the post’s title the Subject of your e-mail, and the body of your e-mail the body of the post, and you’re all set to go!


Benefit #10: The Image Power of Photon

Photon is another very useful module that works completely on auto-pilot for you. Photon automatically resizes all your images so they’re never too big, and look “out of place” within the post. You’ve seen it before… an image that’s too big for the post it’s contained in, and it just looks terrible. Well by quickly activating Photon in your Jetpack plugin, you never have to worry about that happening again. Also, once you activate it, you don’t have to go back and change anything on your previous posts, it will automatically go back and apply Photon to any of them… and if for any reason you don’t like Photon, and you want to handle image resizing yourself, you can turn it off at the click of a mouse, very useful.


Those are just 10 of the many benefits you can get by starting to use the Jetpack plugin that now comes with There are currently 26 modules total, and I an almost GUARANTEE you that there’s something in there you could use. Aside from the ones mentioned here, some other things you can do with Jetpack such as quickly embed videos from many sites using easy shortcodes, allow users to subscribe to your blog and receive notifications via e-mail (like a YouTube channel subscription), add simple contact forms to put on any page, and more. So, if you’re a WP user, and you’re not currently using Jetpack, then you’re falling behind. Adding cloud power to your blog is powerful, and it’s free, so definitely give it a go.