Wondering how reliable the WordPress SEO plugin is and whether you should ditch it or not?

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Here are some reasons why you should uninstall the plugin and look for alternatives:

1 Auto-Updates Will Break Your Site

I finally ditched WordPress SEO from all sites that were still running it. A plugin that automatically updates itself and then constantly breaks the site is not a viable plugin for me. I could understand that certain security issues require an update every now and then but this plugin is just screaming for trouble and exploits – repeatedly.

2 Yoast Pushing Out Google XML Sitemap Plugin

I can understand that plugin authors want to push their own features, but then showing a message that specifically recommends uninstalling another plugin is a no-go for me. Especially since I used the excellent Sitemap plugin by by Arne Brachhold for far longer.

3 Tracking Activity

I understand that plugin developers want to know more about their clients and how the plugin is used, but any plugin that makes such intensive use of tracking and possibly my own resources is a no-go.

4 Not Good For SEO Out Of The Box

Out of the box Yoast’s SEO plugin is poorly optimized and keeps stuffing the title tag with your page name. It makes me wonder how reliable the plugin is overall.

SEO in its classical form is dead.

Instead of installing a rather pointless SEO plugin that keeps breaking your site you should install a plugin that will analyze your blog content and help you identify low-quality content or help you engage the user in some way.

To replace SEO plugins learn to write a few functions yourself that will modify the default title settings and you’re good to go or use an old version of the excellent All-in-SEO – a popular SEO plugin WordPress SEO is based on but that is still far superior with a few modifications on your side and not such a strain on your resources.

5 SEO Plugins Are Overrated

SEO is more about increasing user engagement and keeping a user on the page these days than it is about stuffing your title tag with some keywords. I am sure you are aware that by now. If not, read more about up-to-date SEO strategies for 2015

That really makes the use of plugins a bad practice that you should no longer follow. While it is true, WordPress SEO may be a great solution to provide meta descriptions that search engines still use, you will find many plugins out there with a smaller footprint that don’t constantly break your site.