We’ve now covered several excellent and mandatory plugins for WordPress. This is the third and final part of this series where we’ll go over the last mandatory plugins on our list. If you’ve enjoyed the plugins in the previous post, you’ll no doubt enjoy the benefits you’ll get from these ones as well.


Plugin #1: Broken Link Checker

What’s more annoying on a blog or website than clicking on an old link and getting nothing but an error? This reflects poorly on you and annoys your visitors to no end. Luckily, there’s a very simple solution: Broken Link Checker. Yes, it’s just what it sounds like. It goes through your WordPress site and searches through all your links, and then reports to you any that are broken so you can immediately fix them. Very handy. It will also find missing images and report those to you as well. When it comes to simple plugins that don’t do anything real fancy, but still have an important job to do, this one tops the list. A fantastic plugin.


Plugin #2: Google Analytics for WordPress

Having Google Analytics is pretty much mandatory for any website. In order to be able to improve your site, you need to have data, such as how many visitors are viewing each page, where on the net your traffic is coming from (such as search traffic, referral, direct, etc.), what countries they’re coming from, who’s on your site right now, and so much more. It will also give you important data on the social activity related to your site, so you can know what’s going on on Facebook, Google+, and more. Obviously, the reporting that you get with this plugin is invaluable. If you’re not using Google Analytics for WordPress, you definitely should be. Another highly recommended plugin.


Plugin #3: Contact Form 7

Just about every site on the net these days has a Contact Form of some sort, and your site shouldn’t be an exception. But with so many plugins that offer this, which one do you choose? Well, the customizability you’ll get with Contact Form 7 is definitely second to none. You’ll have the ability to easily manage several different contact forms right within this one plugin, and you can customize it using a nice, easy markup. It allows you to use CAPTCHA as well as Akismet to help filter spam as well. Overall, it’s just the easiest, most user-friendly, and customizable contact form, that includes just about everything a good contact form plugin has to have. If you need a contact form on your site, then Contact Form 7 is the way to go.

Contact Form

Plugin #4: Akismet

Yes, I know, this plugin comes default with WordPress, so everyone has it, right? Well, yes, but you have to get a license and activate it in order to get it to work, and surprisingly, many WordPress users don’t do this. Especially if you have a large site or blog, this will save you a TON of time with all kinds of spam, so you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth here. Buy it, use it, enjoy it. There’s a reason it comes with WordPress by default… because it’s the best of its kind.

Akistmet API Key

Plugin #5: Editorial Calendar

This is a fantastic plugin for bloggers who need to schedule a lot of posts. While WordPress makes it easy to schedule posts, actually organizing these scheduled posts is another matter entirely, but this simple little plugin will make it into a breeze. It will show you a calendar that shows you all your posts under the day they’re going to be posted, and, on top of that, you can easily drag and drop posts around the calendar to make scheduling and rescheduling posts easy as can be. You can also quickly edit the posts’ titles or contents right from the calendar, as well as the time it will be published. Very nifty. This is a mandatory plugin if you’re the type of person that typically has several posts scheduled in advance. Give it a try.


Plugin #6: Simple Tags

One last SEO plugin. This will help you tag your posts very easily. It can tag posts automatically, as well as make tagging suggestions to help you out. You can also do mass tagging for several posts all at the same time. Very handy if there’s a specific keyword you want to add to many different posts all at once. On top of that, it can also auto link tags in your posts, which is great for internal linking. This is yet another simple plugin that makes your life easier without you having to active do much. Tagging doesn’t have to be a chore, and this plugin ensures that it isn’t.