WordPress is currently, at the time of this writing, the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. A great deal of it’s popularity, as you may already know, comes from its themes, and plugins. In this article, we’ll be focusing on some really important plugins for WordPress that everyone should be using. Some of them are free, others are premium, but all of them are great.


Plugin #1: Zemanta

Zemanta is a free, and very useful plugin for just about any WordPress blog. What it does, is it looks at the content of your a blog post, and, based on certain keywords that it finds within that post, or that page, it will find you images, and make image suggestions for images, based on that content. Want to use one of these images? No problem. All you have to do at that point, is just pop the image right in, and you’re all set. It’s a hassle to try to do this on the search engines, where you have to save the image, then upload it to the blog, etc. Zemanta is quite the timesaver, when it comes to adding images to your blog.

Plugin #2: Platinum SEO

Platinum SEO is a plugin that will help you drastically with your On-Page Optimization. All you have to do is pop the title in, pop the description in, etc, and you’re good to go. It has many other great features as well, to make optimizing your site quick, easy, and painless. There are other options as well of course, such as All In One SEO Plugin, or Yoast’s SEO plugin, but really, Platinum gets the job done, and is all you need, but, it really is a matter of preference. No matter what, one of these plugins is absolutely mandatory for your On-Page SEO.

Plugin #3: OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a premium plugin, but it’s a mandatory one for all affiliate marketers and product launchers. It allows you to create salesletters, squeeze pages, membership sites, one time offers, sales funnels, and more, with ease. It’s very user-friendly, and also, easy to customize as well, to suit your needs. It also includes a point and click interface for salespages, which will allow you to drop in buttons, testimonials, headlines, and more. The system might seem like a lot to learn at first, but, with their easy to follow tutorials and guides, it becomes a no-brainer. They also make it pretty easy to integrate with your autoresponder series, and social networking comes pre-integrated out of the box.

Plugin #4: SEOPressor

This is a neat little premium plugin. While Platinum, Yoast, or All-In-One make it easy to optimize your page, SEOPressor will tell you exactly how good your on-page SEO is, and, exactly what you need to fix. It allows you to optimize for certain keywords, just by typing them in as well… you really can’t get more intuitive and easy than that, can you? It makes it easy and intuitive to insert LSI keywords also. Not only that, Google is really cracking down these days on what’s known as “Over Optimization”, such as keyword stuffing…

SEOPressor will make sure that you’re not over optimized, so that you never have to worry about this happening to you again. The best part is, it gives you a simple score on the right hand side of your page, that tells you the overall score of how well you did with your on-page SEO, so no more guesswork. It will also improve your sites internal navigation with what it calls “smart linking”… very cool.

Plugin #5: BackUp Buddy

BackUp Buddy, as the name would imply, is used to backup your entire WordPress blog. It’s easy, intuitive, and, it has many options as well. It allows you to easily, and automatically backup your entire blog, including your images and everything else, not just your database like many other plugins. It will give you three separate backup options, for example, you can backup using an FTP, using e-mail, or the Amazon S3 servers. Backup Buddy IS a premium plugin, so no freebies here, but, it is very easy to install and use, and overall, it’s a great way to back-up your WP websites.


Plugin #6: SEO Friendly Images

Yet another plugin to help with your SEO, this one takes care of your images for you automatically. If you’ve ever had any trouble with optimizing images, such as not knowing what to put, then this plugin, you’ll find, is a huge help. It’s also quite the time-saver as well, because if you’re one of the bloggers that uploads images religiously, then you know what a time sink optimizing them can be, but, that’s no longer an issue thanks to SEO Friendly Images. Just install the plugin, and you’re pretty much all set to go.


This is just part one of a series that will go over all the different plugins you need for your WordPress blog. At the end of this series, you’ll have a pretty good idea about what’s important to you, and how to make your WordPress site function easily and efficiently, while saving yourself a ton of time in the process. Good luck!