Have you ever thought about blogging? Are you looking for a place to sell your products? Need a nice website to promote your services? Are you into affiliate marketing? Do you have a landing page? Want to start an online business? There’s only one answer and one answer alone that’ll satisfy all these queries and more; WordPress.

And if you’re not convinced then here are 8 reasons why WordPress makes the best platform for just about any online venture.

1 It’s a Free Open Source Software

Like they say, the best things in the world are free and WordPress just happens to be one of them. You won’t find any other CMS that’s as customizable and affordable as this one. It’s free to download, free to set up, free to use, and free to upgrade. Did we mention it was free?

2 Talk about Great Customer Support

This is another reason why hundreds and thousands of users flock to WP on a daily basis; their customer support is always professional, affordable, and efficient. Rest assured that whatever obstacle you come across on your site, someone will be there to willingly lend a knowledgeable hand or you can always turn to the helpful WordPress FAQ section.
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5 SEO’s best friend

WordPress has made it easier than ever to incorporate SEO into your site. With easy to use tools, optimized plug-ins, and customizable themes, ranking your WordPress site on popular search engines like Google can be as easy as pie. Or cake, whichever you prefer.

6 It’s not just for bloggers

While at one point in time WordPress was primarily known for being a popular bogging platform, these days you’ll find that it has definitely transcended the blog world and has become the ultimate CMS option for websites such as business sites, online retail stores, discussion forums, job boards, classified ads sites and many more.

7 Social Networks love WordPress

Or you can just as well say WordPress loves social networks. With the plethora of available widgets, plug-ins and other features that fully support and display social networks, you can easily get your word or post out to families, friends, colleagues, and even absolute strangers; which we all know can do wonders for traffic and ranking.

8 Long live WordPress

If you’re wondering whether WordPress will be here to stay then answer is, yes. That means when you’re 90 years old and grey (or white) you can still rely on your WP site for a place to post about your daily nursing home musings or the crazy fights that break out every night in the bingo hall. An estimated ¼ of all new and active websites on the internet today are powered by WordPress as well as approximately 15% of Alexa’s top million websites.