It’s been said before, social media should be a conversation and not a broadcast. However, have you ever considered that the same was true for your blog? Well, if you did, you’re ahead of the game. Getting your audience engaged in your content is by far the best way to convert readers to customers and is key to making money with your blog. One of the best ways to engage your readers and get valuable insights at the same time, is to implement a poll to your blog posts. Polls allow people to voice their opinion in a low effort, easy to manage way which makes your readers, viewers, and customers feel important and feel connected to your site.

Social Polls

How to Strategically use Polls to Improve Your Site’s Content and Engage Your Audience

The first thing I want to talk about is how to make your polls relevant to your customer base, but also strategic. The great thing about having these polls at the end of blog posts, articles, and even video posts is that you can use the results in future content. You can also use the results to get citations from other sites. For example, if you take a poll of 1000 readers that asks “Do you prefer iPhones or Androids?” you can then send the results of that poll as a “source” to other sites so that they can cite you.

When this happens, you not only get a backlink, but you get new visitors. You can use the poll results for the same thing on your own sites and projects.

To add a great poll at the end of your post, your polls should generally should be:

  • Relevant to the post / site content
  • Something your readers have a strong opinion on
  • Something that you can work with later

As a side note; using a controversial topic will probably yield more comments. Using a poll that sparks a strong emotion in your reader is a great way to really reach out and engage your audience. If your user is feeling particularly emotional about a topic, and they fill out a poll, they may feel the need to “explain themselves” in the comments which is a great form of engagement.

How to Install a Polls Plugin and What Poll Plugin is the Best

Like with any plugins for WordPress, there are a lot of poll related plug-ins out there that will get the job done. However, the one I have come to enjoy most is Social Polls by OpinionStage. It has great reviews, offers easy to manage poll creation options, and even offers a really easy way to include it into your posts through the WYSIWYG editor. One great thing about Opinion Stage polls is that people can vote with their social profiles and they don’t have to register at the site.

OpinionStage Poll Features:

  • Social voting
  • Drive social traffic to your site
  • Improve engagement on your site
  • Monetization options
  • Apply social and demographic filters
  • Competitions and elections
  • Fully self-serve
  • Up and going within minutes
  • Full mobile support
  • Polls are completely customizable

At any rate, the first step is going to be downloading the plug-in, or searching for it in the WordPress Admin panel. From the WordPress dashboard, click “plugins” on the left. In the keyword space, type “Opinion Stage” and the first or second result should be “Social Polls.” Click “Install Now.” Once the poll plug-in is installed, it will add a section to your WordPress by the settings on the lower left hand side of the Dashboard. You can then click that to create and manage your polls further.

Please check out the next post that goes into detail how to add the poll to your site.