Amazon is a very popular online store that sells a wide variety of products, especially from the original U.S. based Amazon site. It even provides products on behalf of other companies. It is highly trusted and a great place to refer customers to for commissions as an affiliate marketer because of the high trust factor (and plethora of product options).

There are a multitude of ways for building an Amazon store with WordPress. I’ll go through one such option in this article.

Amazon product links

Build an Amazon Niche Store

I think building a niche store is the way to go here. I would personally pick a topic that I am passionate about and can write on with ease. Then I would write several articles that are about particular products that are carried in the Amazon store.

As an example, I might create an Amazon store about vegan choices for healthy fats. The I can discuss a variety of products like chia, flax & hemp seeds, plus products they are in (like energy bars etc), a variety of nuts, seaweeds and oils, and so on.

Then I can also write content about the different types of healthy fats, some myths and truths surrounding them, recipes, etc.

Include Recommended Amazon Products Into Posts

For the posts that were written specifically about a product, you can include text links to search results for the product. Or you may include a specific product including the image directly into the post. These can be found under “Links & Banners” >> “Product Links” in the affiliate (or associates) area of Amazon.

There is also a “Recommended Product Links” Widget that can be included within the site. These will choose products automatically based on keywords. This way you won’t have to rely on a particular product always being in stock as this widget will only show products that match the criteria, and that are actually available for purchase.

First you would choose a Product Line then enter in some keywords. Then you have the choice between 10 different banner sizes (120×150 and 120×240 are great sizes to float in a post) that are dynamically created based on the search term entered. Then you just have to get the HTML and place it within your Amazon WordPress store. The links will automatically be coded with your affiliate ID so that you are awarded commissions for any purchases that are made as a result of clicking the link. That even goes for products that are unrelated.

You can also choose from one of the Contextual widgets that will showcase products automatically after deciphering the topic of the content on the site. This works much in the same way that AdSense works (or used to before retargeters were bidding out those spots).

If doing recipes, you can also use text links in the ingredients lists to link to seacrh results for the given ingredient. I made over $100 from a link to sea salt once because the buyer filled the cart with an appliance and other items as well. So, in this case, don’t let the potential $0.10 commission deter you from linking to a cheap product.

Try Split Testing With AdSense And eBay

It depends on the niche that you chose but it might be that you get better results with AdSense, eBay or some other ads. You can use a free ad rotating plugin to rotate ads from other sources. If you are able to find one that will let you rotate “ad sets” that may be better. Meaning, if an Amazon ad is shown to a visitor, be sure to show only Amazon ads to that visitor for the remainder of this visit on all other pages.

See what your profits are after x amount of visitors and drop the losers. Best of luck with your Amazon store.