This post is a continuation from Part 1. In the first part we talked about some of the reasons to create polls. And we discussed some of the different features of Social Polls by OpinionStage.

In this post we will walk through setting up our first poll in WordPress.

Social Polls

Creating Your First Poll in the Dashboard

Once you click on the settings for the OpinionStage polls, you’re able to “Create polls” or “Manage Polls.”

Note: If this is your first time using this software you will need to login withn one of your social accounts (Twitter, Google+ or Facebook) and then add some info to your account details.

Assuming this is the first time you’re going to be creating a poll, you can go ahead and click the create a poll option. You can do a multiple choice poll which asks a “which of the following” type question, or you can do a head to head type poll which essentially allows your user to choose one of two options. You’ll be asked to choose either of these two options.

After choosing the type of poll to use, you get to create the actual function of the poll. You can add a description, photo, or video by clicking the link below the “Question” section. One great way to incorporate some video into your blog is to do a video post that is based on your poll.

You then type in the options for answers on the poll. If you originally chose head to head, you’ll have two options to type in. If you have a multiple-choice you can enter in two options at first and include “add answer” to add another. You can also allow more than one answer on your poll if you have a specific reason to do so (though it’s not really recommended for data collection purposes).

Once you click “Create your poll” it will allow you to preview the poll you’ve come up with. You can make sure that it looks good, and it will take you to a page that lists all of your polls. Click on your poll question to get the “poll ID” from the top of the page.

Adding the Poll to a Post or Page in WordPress

When you open up the page on WordPress to add a post or a page, you’ll now have an option to insert a poll. The button for it looks like two little talk bubbles (blue and green). You will be asked for the poll ID. You enter in the poll ID, and a shortcode for it is automatically added into your page / post.

When you view your site, the poll should now appear and you can share it from there sparking more engagement from your users, some great useful stats, and helpful insight into who is visiting your site. Remember to share your poll on all of your social media outlets to get the whole crowd involved.