It’s no secret that social networking sites have infiltrated almost all available platforms online, from websites to blogs and everything in between. You won’t find a shortage of social icons and buttons floating around from page to page which makes it even more apparent how important it is to make your WordPress more social.

A social-friendly WordPress can result in more exposure, increased traffic and better page ranking in search engines. Here are the top 7 social plugins you can incorporate into your WordPress site to make it the social butterfly it ought to be.

WordPress Social Stream

Turn your wall into one big social network with WordPress Social Stream where your visitors can see your latest and greatest post via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and up to 15 social networking platforms all at one time on your Social Network Wall. Or if you prefer a less “in your face” approach, there’s always the rotating feed list that you can display in a sidebar. There are 60 feed options that include Twitter retweets and replies, Facebook comments, comments in Instagram feed, a video player for Tumblr and Youtube and many more.
WordPress Social Stream

Digg Digg

Give readers options as to how they want to share you content with Digg Digg plugin. The plugin offers you many ways to customize your settings including a choice of button designs, floating or static buttons, the position of display as well as others. It’s free and easy to use, plus you can always count on the creators to keep the plugin up to date.


AddThis provides you with several sharing options that include share buttons, follow buttons, and the choice of adding buttons individually. You can also customize a welcome message for your visitors that’ll appear at the top bar and a trending content to the side of your page encourages them to browse more and stay longer.


The name of the plugin alone is a great reminder of what all of our WP sites need to be and that’s Sociable. It’s packed with features to help spread the word of your site to all the social networks using the Sociable Skyscraper and the Rating and Review feature.


It’s another fun and effective way to encourage visitors to share your articles, posts and site. The attractive social bookmarking menu works with any site theme, a top bar menu is subtle yet noticeable, and recommendations that appear after each post will help to increase your audience’s time on your site as well as your pageviews.

Share Locker

Share Locker This plugin will turn any site into a social butterfly because it obliges visitors to share the content on one of five social networks before unlocking it. Some site owners view it as a good incentive for visitors to share their posts, while others feel that it could discourage visitors from coming back. The key is not to incorporate this plugin into every single post on your WordPress blog, otherwise your site will look like one big “locker” room. Instead, use it occasionally on really interesting posts with eye-catching titles that’ll make people want to share your content.

Gravity Forms

Sometimes your content is just so awesome that people want to start getting to know the blogger and not just the blog, or the writer and not just the articles. Gravity Forms are highly customizable and gives your visitors an easy way to contact you. This also gives you the opportunity to engage further with your audience.