I was recently brainstorming different ways for advertising on the Internet, outisde the traditional search marketing, PPV marketing, etc. Two out of the three that I decided on I realized that I had very little experience in the aspects of them, so I was going to dismiss them altogether.

But then I thought more of it, and I realized there was certainly opportunity to outsource some of the aspects of them pretty easily. Duh! Then I was worried about the costs. I figured that I’d be spending enough on testing the actual advertising that I didn’t want to spend as much on the rest. I was pleasantly surprised with my findings, not that I should have been, having been around long enough. At any rate, I thought I’d share them with you here today.

graphics design on Fiverr

First, the Three Different Advertising Methods I am Using to Drive Traffic to My Site

Now, these three avertising approaches that I came up with may not be new to any of you, and I accept that. Two of them are for sure new to me and I’m hoping to offer some ideas to at least one person here.

Finally, the advertising methods I recently set in motion:

a) Display advertising (not on Google or Bing though)

b) Radio advertising

c) Flyer advertising

Exciting stuff, let me explain a little further on each.

The Components of Each Advertising Method

For each of these advertising methods, we require at a minimum:

1) ad copy

2) ad creation

3) ad distribution (sources for the ads to be “displayed”)

Display Advertising

I have been doing display advertising or banner advertising for quite some time. And with my limited graphics abilities I have discovered that even ugly banners get clicks. I have worked with white backgrounds, black text, and blue hyperlinks for a long time with success.

There is often the desire to hire a professional for an ad that pops out, and in some cases it is warranted. When that is the case, I look to Fiverr (which is the first stop for all my outsourcing). I can get a great looking banner (or several in some cases) for just $5.00.

I look to BuySellAds.com and BuyAds.com to find sites to run my ads. I’m also dabbling with the new display network on 7Search.

Radio Advertising

There are a lot of really cool radio programs on the web. In most cases it’s really no big deal for them to run a 15 second clip on there program a few times a day for a week. For that reason there are several offering such spots for $5.00 on Fiverr.

That’s great, but I wouldn’t know what to say, or how to say it. That’s OK, because they have a gig for that! There are a bunch of people that are willing to write the copy for your ad, and a bunch more ready and waiting to read the copy in their best radio voice for you.

So, for $5.00 you can have the ad created just by telling the “copy person” what your product is. It helps to point them to an audio or video clip of the person that will reading the copy so they get a feel for the voice actor’s style which may affect how they write it. Then comes paying the voice actor which is another fiverr.

So, for $15.00 your ad is running on a popular radio show. Another $5.00 and it can run again on the same or another radio show. Using short URLs (but as long as they are memorable and easy to spell, longer is OK) in the ad copy is key here.

Flyer Advertising

For this type of advertising you can outsource all components as well. You can get someone to write the copy, and another to create a nice flyer for you (source of the image in this post). Be sure to include a short URL in the ad (or a memorable long one). Also include a QR code (create it yourself to save money, it’s easy – there are web based tools). The QR code will allow mobile users to jump to a web site with a quick scan. Be sure to include a call to action around the code, some people still don’t know.

There are also people on Fiverr that you can pay for distribution. For example, I have seen gigs where people will display 50 of your flyers around their University campus for just $5.00.

So rather that waste your money on someone to write your web site address around their belly button for a fiverr, consider these approaches for what I would expect would bring you more qualified leads and sales.