In the same way that I use videos on YouTube, audio on SoundCloud, and so on, I also use slideshows on The way that I look at these social sites that allow user generated multimedia content is:

a) a web site that I can provide valuable unique content to that I can link to my other web properties

b) a web site that generates traffic all its own that can indirectly pull in visitors to my web site or other web properties (consider using keyphrases in titles and descriptions for organic traffic from the search engines)


Create a slideshow based on existing content from free software

Most articles and blog posts that you write for your site can likely be summarized into point form. Many people (not me) will even start with main points for their article. Those main points can become headlines for the article, or even slides for a slideshow. They can be an introduction to the main unabridged version of your article on your web site.

Then, from within the slideshow description you can link to the article on your site as a means to provide “further information.”

You can use the infamous Microsoft PowerPoint to create your slideshows, which at $100 per year for the entire Office Suite is available pretty affordably. However it is still tough to beat the “free” price tag. OpenOffice is free open source software available from In a lot of ways it mimics the Microsoft Office Suite. For creating presentations you can use the OpenOffice Impress application.

Even the free SlideShare accounts can bring you traffic

There are different plans on SlideShare, from free to $49 per month and higher custom plans. I have used the free plan for a long time. I only upgraded one time in the past because one of my presentations was generating a lot of income from an affiliate link and I didn’t have any tracking in place. The upgrade gave me access to some Analytics so I knew how the traffic was coming to the presentation. It turned out to be organic Google traffic.

You can upload more than just slideshows, PDFs and other documents are allowed as well. Paid accounts have the ability to upload videos. You can also upload from DropBox.

You can login with your LinkedIn credentials, your Facebook credentials, or you can create a SlideShare account.

Like videos, audio, and images, you can embed your presentations into your blog posts and other content. Plus, you have the ability to create a SlideCast which is a mashup of a slideshow and an MP3. This is essentially a screencast video which can also be downloaded and used elsewhere. Therefore, if you upload an .mp3 file to SoundCloud, you could be contributing to that site, then use the URL of the .mp3 to add voice to your slideshows for use on SlideShare, then download as a video for YouTube.

Even though you need a Pro account to upload videos to SlideShare, embedding YouTube videos into your slideshows is an option as well.

Facts about SlideShare

>> SlideShare is one of the 200 top visited web site in the world
>> The site receives 51.6 million visitors (from a stat from the end of 2012)
>> Monthly pageviews were in the realm of 159 million in November 2012
>> Everyone from The WhiteHouse to the US Army (and Navy) to NASA to UNICEF to Dell to IBM, and millions more use SlideShare to consume/share content.