As you may have realized by this point, Facebook is one of the premiere marketing tools available to the business or entrepreneur today and is joining the ranks of large advertising spaces like Google. Why? Marketers should always focus on going where their audience goes. While Google is still the most viewed website in the world, Facebook is where people are spending most of their time throughout the day. Today, we need to talk about how to increase your exposure on Facebook posts.

Facebook page posts

What does this mean? To put it simply, it means getting your posts out there and seen by as many people as you can. The more people in your demographic who see your post, the more are going to interact with it. This translates to more views, more clicks, and ultimately more conversions.

Increase Exposure on Facebook with These Tips

Below is a video walking through how to increase Facebook post exposure. Below that are three other tips to get even more out of it.

1. Have engaging and useful content that applies to your demographic.

Pay attention to where your demographic is. What are they interacting with? You need to make sure that your posts are engaging to your audience and that they’re actually interested in what you have to say. A lot of this has to do with experimenting, it’s completely normal to have to test what works for your following. Just make sure that your social media continues to stay a conversation, and not a broadcast.

2. Getting Facebook’s attention and keeping your post visible.

Facebook has its own sort of algorithms much like you learn about for Google. They pay attention to likes, shares, comments, and general engagement of posts that you create. Keep in mind though, a simple way to find out how valuable something is, is to think about how much effort it requires on the part of the viewer. From what I’ve come to understand, the more effort your user has to make to share something – the better it looks to Facebook. It’s easy to click “like,” but it takes time and thought to comment on something once or twice and that is what tells Facebook your content is engaging.

3. Enticing your users to participate and calling to action.

So the last thing that’s really important to address is how to get your users to do something with your post. This means, they have to be interested in your content enough to share it with their friends, or pushed enough by it emotionally to share their thoughts with you. This is the aspect of social media that makes it a conversation vs. a broadcast.

There are a few ways you can pull this out of people.

Ask a question that allows a person to talk about them. By nature, most people like to share their experiences. In essence, people enjoy talking about themselves. If you have content that encourages that, you’ll get a lot of response and engagement.

Call them to action, give them a reason to do something and then just ask them. For example, if you’ve got a post published about the dangers of junk food, you might try: “If you think keeping junk food out of schools is important, share this post!”

Invite them to use your post to socialize. This one can get tricky, but generally involves encouraging users to share your post with friends in order to start conversations. You see when doing this with images that say things like, “Best friends are essential, share and tag the favorite people in your life!”

Once you’ve really tapped into making your content engaging and fun, your users will enjoy going back and forth with you and connection is truly what sells.

Practice with your real friends first. If it doesn’t work with them, there’s a good chance it won’t work with followers who don’t know you. Be yourself and test the waters.