Content is king yada yada. We know that we need content. Our readers want it, and it’s our job to provide it. To provide content to some of the top trafficked sites we are creating all forms of content: text, audio, video, presentations, images, and other docs. It gets to be a lot of work. But sometimes, some types of content will lend themselves well to multiple formats.

In this article and video I want to suggest some tools and web sites to allow you to go from audio to PDF and slideshow to video to blog post (or article).


Video: Tools and Multimedia Sharing Sites

Bunkr Cloud Based Presentation

Once it is all complete, the multimedia can realistically be embedded into the written content to provide your web site visitors with more options for consuming your content.

There is one main rule here though:

Thou shall only build content that has value by itself.

Sure, we are stretching our content out to produce different formats but it all should really stand on its own. Consider that someone might visit a page with just your audio embedded. That audio shouldn’t make reference to an image on the screen like you can get away with in a video, for example.

1 Start With an .mp3 and Share it to SoundCloud

We are going to be building up a variety of social channels along the way. As we produce the multimedia content it will be stored at appropriate social web sites. I looked to the top Alexa sites for deciding where to place each piece of content. Some, like YouTube are obvious.

For this project on content building, we are starting with audio. It’s simple, you just need to create an .mp3 file of your voice talking about something that relates to your niche. It could be an idea that you have and you want to do some brainstorming. Or you may want to do a “how to” audio. Just say it like you were describing it to someone over the phone. Keep in mind that the listener can pause the audio to perform a step so there is no need to think that it has to be all memorized by them in one sitting.

2 Now, Let’s Head to to Create a PDF and Presentation

Next we can go ahead and create a presentation and PDF (at the same time) using a cloud-based tool call Here we can add images, brief text, and whatever else to create our slideshow presentation.

When complete, export two files. One in PDF and the other in PPTX.

The PDF can be shared to your account. And the PPTX file can be shared to

3 Combine the Presentation and MP3 to Make a SlideCast

With your slideshow uploaded you can now sync up an MP3 using the tools on SlideShare. This ultimately creates a SlideCast which is essentially a mashup of a sound file and presentation file. With it you are creating a screencast style video.

I’m not alone in saying this, but it would be nice if we had the ability to export the SlideCast for use on YouTube and Vimeo and other video sharing sites.

But since we do not, we will have to get creative with screencast software. There are ways to port the sounds from the speakers as the sound for the screencasts without picking up external sounds from the microphone. It differs depending on the Operating System and screencast software used. In the future I’ll write a post how to do it in Windows using Screencast-o-matic.

Once you figure out how, you can play the Slidecast in your screencast viewing window. Then you have a video ready for sharing on YouTube, etc.

An alternative would be to create the presentation first (and the PDF) using Bunkr, then record the screencast, then extract the audio from the screencast. Personally I like to start with audio so that I can speak freely without distractions having to click through slides.

4 Now Transcribe the Audio For Use as a Blog Post

At this point you can transcribe the audio for use as a post. I know, it’s a pain right? It’s not when you are willing to hand over $5 or $10 to have it done for you. I just recently had a 16.5 minute audio podcast transcribed for me on Fiverr. It was done in about 48 hours.

It’s not really a lot of work to create 5 pieces of major content like this, and it’s cheap if you outsource some parts of it like the transcribing. Produce quality content and it is well worth it in the end.