Following a recent announcement of Google Reader exiting the world wide web, Google has announced a new product available to the masses. It is a “digital sticky notes” app that they are calling Google Keep, where they want you to “save what’s on your mind.” Google Keep stores the notes in the cloud in Google Drive so that they are synched to all connected devices easily and quickly.

Feature list

With Google Keep you have the ability to:

  • Use notes, lists, and photos to keep track and organize thoughts
  • Transcribe voice notes automatically
  • Capture thoughts quicky using included home screen widgets
  • Organize notes by color coding them
  • Archive items with a quick swipe or click
  • Add checkboxes to a note and call it a checklist
  • Store notes safely in the cloud for ease of accessibility

Google Keep on the go

This can be a very handy tool for when you are on the go and something comes up that you want to make a quick note of, and rather then write it down, or even type it (although of course that is an option), saying the note is very simple, and safe storage is automatic. Naturally, being a Google product, super-fast search capability exists within the interface. Plus, color coding notes and dragging them around to set priorities is simple to do. While Keep is available on phones running Android version 4, for phones that have newer versions of the Android OS (4.2+), it comes with a lock screen widget that lets you add a quick thought without unlocking the phone.

Google Keep on the web

Keep is part of Drive and is web accessible target=”_blank”>here.

google keep snapshot

The interface on the web is clean and simple. You simply enter a title for the note, and the note itself. Then you can pick a color, add an image, and the auto-save feature will kick in. After clicking “Done” your notes will display in chronological order, and are available in both list view and grid view. Archiving of notes is done with a quick click, and a separate section for “Archived notes” shows up at the bottom. After clicking the heading the archived notes are displayed in a new page, again in either list or grid view.

Not just notes, lists too

In the same way you can create notes, you can create color coded lists (no image). They contain a title and individual items with a check box next to them. When a task in the list is checked it is grayed and crossed out. Lists are included within the set of notes in both archived and non-archived views.

What others think

So far people seem to be enjoying the app. Many like the clean UI, impressive voice recognition, and fast search capabilities. Some have dropped Evernote in favor of Google Keep, and others are thinking about it. Also, some users are moving away from and Catch to use Keep. Others say it is almost a Wunderlist replacement but not quite. Some users have asked for a reminder feature, and a way to share notes, the ability to get pictures from more than just the camera, plus a way to better organize notes with categories. One user stated that moving shopping lists between devices will be his main use and finds it very helpful for that. At the time of this writing it has an average 4.4/5 star rating, with 1,989 5-star votes.

Video: Google Keep