has become an incredibly popular site for outsourcing relatively simple tasks, for only $5 per service, known on Fiverr as a “gig.” Fiverr is a bit different from the other popular freelance sites, such as Elance, Odesk or Guru, in that Fiverr gigs all start at $5.

Fiverr has also become known for some of the odd and entertaining gigs that some eccentric sellers offer. At the same time, it has also been the subject of some scorn from those in social media and SEO, as gigs can be found for fake likes, Twitter followers and spammy bulk back links.
FIver SEO Gigs

Since that’s only a sliver of what’s offered at the site, it’s not fair to judge it simply on this. There is another element that allows buyers to vet the sellers, which will cover in a moment.

Freelance Standards

Before digging into Fiverr any further, it’s important to understand the other freelance services available. The most popular of the bunch are Elance, ODesk and Guru. These sites all allow freelance service providers to create profiles and bid on freelance jobs. There are proficiency tests for service providers to take, feedback for both the buyers and the sellers, as well as other features of the sites that allow the buyers to track the work time spent by the sellers.

Big (and small) projects are found on these sites, and often the outsourced workers that are hired are actually working for some type of company in a country that can do the work for very low fees. While “low fees” sounds good, there are challenges that go with giving a large, mission critical project to a discount outsource company.

Go Beyond Limitations with Fiverr Extras

While Fiverr’s name and a quick browse through the site would leave you to believe everything is $5, there are actually “gig extras” or add on services that can be up sold by some Fiverr sellers. These sellers are well-established and have a history of consistently strong feedback from their customers. So while Fiverr may appear to only offer very basic services, at such a low price point, successful Fiverr sellers can actually offer numerous extras that can be priced much higher than the standard $5.

This creates opportunity to get some of those slightly bigger projects handled on Fiverr, which is an interesting proposition. While both the big outsource sites (Elance, ODesk and Guru) and Fiverr all record feedback from buyers, there’s something more social and genuine that shines through at Fiverr. In fact, Fiverr replaces the stuffy, same-as-every-other-profile and cover letter with a gig description, seller profile and promo video for the gig.
Culture of the sites aside, Fiverr gigs can’t really claim to be offering full-service, by virtue of what the site is. Use caution if you’re not certain of direction yourself, as you may be better served by more of a full-service, experience freelancer.