Google is all about authority. Ever since Hummingbird, Google makes it really difficult for any small site to rank well, that’s why it’s important that you adjust your marketing strategies this year. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

1 Understanding Why: Ranking Small Sites Has Never Been So Difficult Before

For the last couple of year it was sufficient to create a small page and regularly put quality content on it to rank well. This is no longer the case. Ever since mid-2013 when Google updated its search engine, Google began de-ranking a lot of smaller sites. To me this looked like an attempt to make sure small business customers use Google Adwords. Yes, Google is a business and its their search engine, so if they believe that this is best to deliver great results then they are free to do that, but I don’t have to agree. Right now, I have a really hard time finding things using an exact match search. Just one year ago, I could easily find duplicate content using exact match searches using quotes. This is extremely difficult now, because even for exact matches authority sites now rank higher. I could go on for a couple hours about this, but I don’t want this to turn into a rant, because generally I believe Google must have other reasons to do it to improve the search experience and one should not easily dismiss that.

2 How To Turn The Odds In Your Favor

Every problem is an opportunity. So, how could we use this to our advantage? Easy, right? Just use authority sites to rank your content. It has never been so important to create profiles on authority sites and add actual content to it.

Today, I started a microblog at Tumblr, because Tumblr really has a lot of authority now.

Add Links To Tumblr And Real Content.png
My Tumblr Microblog

What you should do is to add a couple UNIQUE posts and some photos (random photos really) and make sure to update it a couple times once per month (which you can put on your to-do list or work on throughout the weekends while you’re on the go, using your cell)

Once you have created your tumblr microblog you should create new profiles on other authority sites and link back to your other profiles every week. Make sure to add unique content wherever possible. Do you frequently host or attend an event on or another event site? Great, make sure to add links back to your microblogs and other profiles.

Now, whenever you want to boost an article, make sure to add links on your microblogs. You could automate this, but it is not recommend to simply import your social profiles. It looks more natural if you only occasionally drop a link or two or embed the link in a unique article on the microblog.

3 Treat Your Social Profiles And Microblogs As An Asset

Did you know that people spend up to 50,000 USD for the right twitter name? Social profiles are hard assets you must have. You can use them for years to come, so naturally big corporations will shell out big money to get the right name. It’s like a good domain, only that an account instantly has a lot of authority, even if there is little content on your profile.

Use this knowledge to your advantage and make sure to build many smaller hubs with unique content. Some sites even allow you to add your own ad code.

Make sure to keep track of all accounts in an Excel sheet and if possible add some Analytics to see how targeted the traffic is.